Pay what you want


So I got the email about paying what you want for person detection but I paid annually for the cam plus for 4 cameras. What can I do to adjust or am I fixed into the $60 I already paid?

Different services. The name your price thing applies only to people who had Wyze accounts before 11/2019. If you qualify, you can name $0 or your own price and get PD on all your cameras.

However… Unlike CamPlus the name your price PD is limited to 12 second clips with a 5 minute wait (so called cooldown period) between events.

If you qualify and can live with those limitations you can just discontinue your CamPlus service.

Oh, also they might change their minds and take it all away if they don’t get enough donations. I’m not exaggerating; that’s the official story.

Ahh got ya. I’ve had my accounts for a while but wasn’t sure if cam plus was going away or not.