Cam Plus Pay What You Want Not Working

My issue is that I have pay my own price Cam Plus (verified by logging on to the website) but the only service my app recognizes is the free trial period for my new v3s that I ordered, and that is set to expire in two days. How do I get my app to recognize that I have been paying for Cam Plus since October? Thanks, Lee

PS Also, am I the only one that did not know that the new v3 would not be included with the Cam Plus Pay my own price service?

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Unfortunately, it sounds like you’re referring to what they now call legacy person detection. Cam Plus is the replacement for legacy person detection, and that service is a per camera service with no “pay my own price” option. Legacy person detection is not available for v3. I have it too and was very disappointed with Wyze when support informed me that it was only for their previous cams.

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Do you see “person Detection (pilot)” in services? That is the legacy person detection that was the “pay what you want” offering.

There have been other folks asking about the legacy person detection for the v3 since the new cam came out. In the emails about signing up for the legacy pd, it did say in the FAQ part that it was only being offered for the v2 and the pancam. Also here is some info about the difference on camplus and the pay what you want PD.

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When I log into the webpage for my account it says "go to Accounts, then Services then choose which cameras I want to use the service with. the problem is when I do that it only allows me to choose one and then tells me it is about to expire. I am fine with only person detection, it keeps my notifications down and I have memory cards for longer views. Any help would be great. Lee

With the new install, it came with the trial camplus. That will expire soon it looks like and that’s not the “pay what you want”. If you go to and login, what services or “subscriptions” do you see?

You’re only going to see v2 or cam pan cameras. V3 will never be there.

Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video

Monthly subscriptions for unlimited cameras. Auto Renews 2021-01-05####

I get the part about no v3, wish I had not mentioned it as it is getting conflated with the real problem. ?The real issue is that I have a service that I cannot apply. Lee

So you don’t have any V2s or pans? Do you want to cancel the service as it doesn’t work with the v3?

When you were in contact with support, did you tell them to cancel it? You can cancel it via the services website it appears also.

When you were in contact with support, did you tell them to cancel it?

I still have several v2’s, so no, I did not tell them to cancel. I’m rethinking my entire set up, but I will keep the legacy person detection, for now, on my v2’s.

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No, I still have v2s and Pans and seriously questioning buying the v3, although their nightvision is fantastic

I got those emails, too and ignored them. My legacy person detection is still working past the deadline.

I purchased a Cam Plus annual license on 10/4/2020. Verified at Wyze Home Monitoring Service as being good through 10/4/2021. However it doesn’t show up in the Wyze app so that I can assign it to cameras. On 11/1/2020 when I still couldn’t use it, I submitted logs from the app and opened a ticket (#850227). Someone got back to me within a day and had me do the basic things like uninstall the app, reinstall, etc. None of them made and difference. Now I’m going on 90 days of not being able to use the service I purchased. :rage: If @WyzeGwendolyn or anyone else at Wyze could get my situation resolved, I’d appreciate it. I also expect to have my service extended for a full year once I’m able to actually use it.

Make sure you’re using same email address in both places. Ive seen others with same issue and that was the cause.

Yes, I’m using the same email address in both places. And the person detection subscription shows up both places. Just not the annual Cam Plus subscription.

The problem is you are still congusing CamPlus with Perdon Detection.
You need to go to Account > Services > Person Detection (Pilot) to select the V2 and Pan cameras that you want to ensble PD on.