V3 question

If I have V2 (17 of them!) and are already voluntarily paying, is there a reason I need to pay for pan to order V3s? And if so, how would that even work with what I already have, the person detection on all my other cameras? And is that camera specific if I order 4, only 1 has it?
Very confused…

I just ordered some more V3’s I only have Cam plus on one camera

If you are “name your price” paying for legacy person detection, that will NOT work with the V3s. You would need to pay for CamPlus for EACH V3 on which you wanted person detection (and other CamPlus features).

Th legacy person detection would continue to work for your other cameras.

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As @Customer said Cam Plus s required for person detection on the V3s. The V3s are not sold with a promise of free person detection.
V3 cameras can only be purchased by Cam Plus users at this time due to the chip shortage.

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