Make legacy person detection available to more devices

I would like to request the Person Detection Service work with new items. It is my understanding this service does not work with V3 and will not work with the Doorbell as well.

I am trying to understand the logic in launching a service with in the last 6 months but not having work on the new items coming out, I was glad to see you did the name your price on it, so kudos to that,

So is Person Detection basically going away as a stand-alone service?

I know it is in the Cam Plus service but there is a big difference between the two of them especially cost.

Edit: With the launch of Cam Plus Lite you can get person detection on newer devices with the same ‘name your price’ format of Legacy Person Detection

The legacy person detection currently is only available on the products that existed at the time they made it available. The pay what you want aspect was an experiment to see if it would pay for the processing power needed to do it. I am guessing it would not get expanded until they have some data on how this experiment is performing.


I have now the new V3 and the person detection pilot isn’t supported on them. Why would I bother getting the V3 and pay for something I have free on the V2 and the ability to daisy chain them??

This was not clear to me either. I paid for person detection and assumed all cameras would be included with it. My main outdoor camera was updated to v3 and if it doesn’t have person detection any longer, what’s the point? Wyze seems to be forcing users into subscription plans. It’s a little disappointing.

I have 8 v2’s and 1 v3 and am grandfathered in the person detection. But the v3 doesn’t have it?? would be nice that customers would receive the same service thru all models of devices!!!

I have 2 failed V2 cameras that I replace with new V3 and found that I cannot transfer to the pay want you want person detection . My opinion is they should let us have the same # of cameras on the person detection . I assume this is their new business model to get people to subscribe to other payed services …

I’m a long time customer with Person Detection as well as happy to be on Name Your Price. I upgraded eleven cameras from v2 to v3 due to the amazing night performance. I really think that Name Your Price should apply to any cameras that customer has. I’d also be happy to sign up for Cam Plus if there were volume discounts. Also, I’m not a fan of teaser prices with an initial term discount.

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Even if it’s another subscription. I’d rather pay for just person detection for my v3s than to not have it at all, or to pay for camplus on all my cameras.

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I wanted to add my voice to this issue. I had 6 V2 cameras grandfathered into the legacy person detection and recently added a new V3 camera to the mix. I don’t need all the features included in CAM Plus, all I want is person detection so I can manage the notifications accordingly. If V3 cameras are not included in this service, I have little to no reason to upgrade or add any more cameras to my account. It’s not worth the $2/month per camera.

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You have to understand why the legacy person detection came about.

The early V2s were advertised with free person detection. Wyze then lost the license to the person detection software they procured from a third-party. Subsequent V2s and V3s were never advertised with free person detection.

When Wyze came out with the replacement server-based person detection, they were required to offer them free to those early V2s. But not to the subsequent models, because it wasn’t part of the products.

And this is why some of my V2s don’t have legacy person detection.

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I’d like to see Person Detection available to V3. The additional services of Cam Plus are not desired at present. However, in upgrading my V2 to V3 I lose PD which I use to integrate with other devices, unless I subscribe to a second service.

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All of your v2’s should have the ability of legacy person detection, no matter when they were bought if you were a user prior to the date and were able to sign up for legacy. They just dont carry to the v3’s


I have purchased a few v3 cameras to add new / replace v2’s. So far, it’s been a massive downgrade. Yes, the at-night picture is prettier but that is much overshadowed by the fact that my Person Detection (Pilot) subscription doesn’t extend to these cameras. Why?? Which means that now I have to pay more to have person detection on the v3 and, VERY ANNOYINGLY, there is no 5-min cool-down between notifications. If we have somebody in the front yard, we get notification after notification after notification until I get mad and turn off the camera itself (quicker than turning off notifications). Please fix this, one way or another.

The V2’s legacy (Pilot) person detection also has the 5-minute cooldown. I have it, too.

Indeed, but we cannot use the Pilot person detection on the v3 so right now the v2 is actually better in that respect. Arghhh.

Allow Legacy Person Detection on the new V3 cams. I doubt that it is difficult to add this feature onto the new models. I have just purchased 2 of the new V3’s and love them but do not like or want all the Cam Plus features. I have 10 V2’s with person detection and love having that basic setup. Please add the feature to the V3’s.


That was one of the reasons I purchased a few of the Black V2s a while back, when they were available.

Would have been nice to know this BEFORE I purchased the v3. What a waste of money. My v2 does more than the latest product. Now I have to return it and find something else. Be more up front about your policy.

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With the launch of Cam Plus Lite you can get person detection on newer devices with the same ‘name your price’ format of Legacy Person Detection