Is the V3 part of the legacy PD?

Hey guys,

I placed an order for the V3 camera and I’m wondering if person detection would be available on it for legacy users? I’m part of the pay whatever price you want deal.

I was going to upgrade some of my V2s to V3s but I don’t know if it’ll be worth it if the V3s will each require the CamPlus subscription while the V2s are still on the pay as you want plan.

Thank you


Here is an article I found about it, not sure if it will help but its worth checking out:

Probably not? Thanks for asking the question. The experiment offer specified V2 and Pan Cam and appeared to exclude WCO, but some have reported it worked on the WCO at least for a little while. I would also consider replacing V2s with V3s if PD kept working.

Yeah I thought so too, just wasn’t sure about it. Well that sucks kind of, I have a bunch of V2 cameras. Not only will I have to replace all of them with V3s but I also gotta pay seperate per each camera now.

Wish there was some way around this since the V3 is vastly superior to the V2 (unlike V1 > V2).

The V3 is compatible with cam Plus. You’ll just have to add it like you did with your V2 cameras. You can then use person detection.

No, it does not work with the legacy PD. The Legacy PD only applies to V2 & Pan cameras.

His V2’s are part of the legacy (pay what you want plan) not Cam Plus. However as @holocron stated, unless something changes only the V2 and Pan support the Legacy PD.

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