Unknow payments from Wyze

Ive been getting charged $1.xx every month from Wyze for service I thought existed which was for the person ai on my cam when they had the "pay what you want " promo about a year ago.Recently I have purchased my doorbell and was looking thru my subscription to see if that was available but it wasnt. So I ended up paying for the annual subscription. Id like to know if anyone has the same issue ? Or is there a way where I can cancel it. Nothing shows up on my Google subscription for wyze .

The “Name Your Price” offer covers V2 and Pan Cam models only. They won’t extend it to V3s, doorbells, or anything else. If you want person detection on those you need to buy "CamPlus* service for each device.


So I should either remove that subscription or pay $0 then. Since my main concern is having the doorbell ai with the continuous recording.

Sure you could reduce the name your price to $0 and buy CamPlus service for the doorbell. (Note that I don’t believe there is any continuous recording feature for the doorbell. Unless you just meant removal of the 12 second limitation.)

they won’t extend this at all? or for the time being?

There is no indication it will ever apply to anything except V2 and Pan Cam models. In fact there is no indication how long they will even maintain the existing program.

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I do not see them ever extending it as it would cut into Cam Plus, they will just leave it with the devices that it was available on at that time.

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