Got the email about name your price, but can't figure out how to sign up

I logged in, went to services, but only see the paid ad for cam plus. no name your price info. Help?

Dont bother… I thought I would do the proper thing and help support them, I really didnt need to have the features. I signed up, camera went off line I was able to get it back a couple times by removing it and readding but it kept going off line. I removed the paid feature and it is still off line, Support is useless. “It might be fixed in a future update”, That was about 2 weeks ago.

Yes, I’ve been there, still no way to sign up for name your price

NVM I found it Thx

Where did you find this, I can’t figure where to goto for “name your price”

Hello @Manny5 and welcome to the community.

The first step would be are you eligible for the Legacy (Name Your Price) Person Detection, meaning did you set up a WYZE account prior to November 26, 2019?

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Yes, signed up way before then (approx. Oct 2018) Had the original cams then when v2 came out, ordered more from Amazon on that date above.

If you log into under that account there should be option for CamPlus and an option for Person Detection Only w/12-Second Cloud Video. You would click on the Person Detection Only w/12-Second Cloud Video. If you are not seeing that option I would recommend contacting support.

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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When users log into, the default tab displayed is “Account”. Click the “Catalog” tab:

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Thank-you for your help @Seapup as I wasn’t sure where to go. I was on support call with Wyze last night and my account is messed up. I should be able to see the screenshot (above) but was not displayed and they’re helping me out now with it. Thanks again for everyone’s help.

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No prob Manny. Hopefully they get your account squared away today or tomorrow as the deadline for signing up is October 9th. Even if you miss the deadline, Support can make an exception for you as noted below:

Don’t close your Support ticket until you verify that your subscription is listed under the Account tab at

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A friend I referred over the summer who registered in 2020 got the email on name your price, but I didnt. We both registered after the November 2019 deadline, but I was back in February, months before him. I called him and showed me the registration email that proves he was registered months after me. I hope they figure out the account crossed wires for sure. Glad he got it, but not sure how or if I can also achieve the same.