Odd occurrence, anyone else? Person detection name your price promo after the cutoff date?

I registered in February of 2020, so well after the cutoff for the name your price date of November 26, 2019 to retain Person Detection.

The odd part is, a friend who never heard of Wyze before I bought, that I referred months after I purchased my equipment, he received the invite to keep Person Detection with the name your price offer. I chatted for an hour or so with a support representative. He said that couldn’t happen since he registered after I did. I reached out to my friend, and sure enough, he showed me where he registered over the Summer of 2020, months after I did. Any idea if this glitch is more widespread? Odd that I bought earlier and purchased more equipment than him, yet a newer customer was invited to the name your price option. I really want to continue with Wyze, but just confused as to how these offers are getting made.

Just curious if anyone else has seen this, or if it’s a bit of a unicorn of sorts.

If you are like my friend and got the offer having registered post November 2019, but would rather not speak up, I totally get it (haha). I’m super happy he got it for sure!


Did he just get the email inviting him or was he actually able to sign up for it also?

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He did have to add a credit card for the Name Your Price offer, but it went through.

Thanks for the quick response Jason.

I mainly panicked because there’s only a few hours left for the Name your Price option that my friend took advantage of. There’s some other Wyze items I’d like to purchase, but would like to see how this shakes out before getting deeper into the platform.

Have you logged in to services.wyze.com it will show up there if you are eligible, you can always try and see

Yes, the option was not there.

Oh well.

Thanks once again Jason

Maybe he followed the link but actually signed up for CamPlus by accident?

More likely that it’s simply a fortunate error that benefited your friend.

Agreed, he’s very happy!