Will Subscribing To Cam Plus Invalidate or Cancel My Grandfathered Name Your Price Person Detection?

There seems to be no way to actually send Wyze an email, so hopefully a Wyze staff member can answer here for me.

I am an early subscriber to Wyze and have a grandfathered Name Your Price Account where I have all by WyzeCam V2 cameras with the Person AI for life.

I’ve recently got a couple of WyzeCam V3 cameras and I know they are NOT part of that grandfathered Name Your Price plan, HOWEVER I would like to purchase a CamPlus subscription for at least one of the V3’s, and maybe more down the road. BEFORE I do this, I need to know if subscribing to CamPlus for my V3 will in ANY WAY cancel or end my grandfathered Name Your Price account and the Person Detection AI on all my V2’s that I still have? In other words, I’m happy to subscribe to CamPlus for my V3 but I DON’T want to do so if it will mess with the grandfathered Person AI that I have on all my V2 cameras.

Please let me know before I proceed any further. Thank you!

I am not a Wyze staff member but can safely answer this question. You can purchase Cam Plus and still maintain you Legacy Person Detection on the rest of your v2’s. I am currently using both Legacy Person Detection and Cam Plus on my account with no issues.


If you’re enjoying both and haven’t lost your legacy person detection on your V2’s, that’s good enough for me! Thanks Jason!! Very much appreciated. Signing up now then!!

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One other CamPlus question that maybe you can answer. Is a CamPlus subscription good for just ONE camera, or all cameras on the account? If it is per-camera, is there a bulk-subscription package for people with a ton of cameras on the same account?? Or is it pay for each individual camera with it’s own subscription?

A Cam Plus subscription is per camera, 1 subscription for 1 camera

I had the same concern about losing the free V2 person detection and can also confirm that you won’t lose that.

The cam plus subscription is per camera and can be assigned\reassigned to different cameras. They did have a bundle where you could get 4 licenses during the spring sale but that has ended and is now back to a per camera license.

This is what my subscriptions look like: