CMC Refund with Cam Plus Transition - 7/29/20

Hi, everyone!

We’ve been working on the Cam Plus transition and some folks that have been using CMC have been noticing refunds during this process. This email is being sent out to CMC subscribers but we’re also posting a copy here. The rest of the Cam Plus information will be coming soon. :slight_smile:

Hello from your friends at Wyze,

We’re reaching out to you because you are a Complete Motion Capture subscriber and we have some news to share!

Today, Complete Motion Capture is becoming a new service called Cam Plus and we’ve been working on that transition.

NOTE: As part of this transition, your account will be automatically refunded for the remainder of the current month for Complete Motion Capture and re-charged at the same rate for Cam Plus.

Cam Plus will continue to provide the full-length motion recording you’ve enjoyed with Complete Motion Capture and will add the artificial intelligence of Person Detection. With Cam Plus, you’ll be able to record full-length videos, receive real-time alerts when people are detected, and filter all of your video clips with people in them.

Any cameras you had enrolled in Complete Motion Capture at the time of this roll-out have been automatically upgraded at no additional cost to you for the next 12 months until August 2021 - you just need to upgrade your cameras’ firmware .

Beginning in August 2021, your subscription will automatically renew at $1.99/month unless you cancel your subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period or update to an annual plan. You can cancel your subscription at any time from your Subscriptions page or by contacting us.

Heads up! We’ll be announcing special early bird pricing in a future email for those interested in a Cam Plus annual plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What action do I need to take to upgrade?
Just upgrade your firmware and you’re all set! Wyze has automatically upgraded all of your cameras to Cam Plus if they are running Complete Motion Capture at the time of our launch.

Can I stick with Complete Motion Capture instead of upgrading to Cam Plus?
No, Complete Motion Capture has become Cam Plus.

What happens in August 2021?
Your current rate of $1.49/month per cam will increase to $1.99/month per cam. This new monthly rate will be charged the next time your subscription renews unless you decide to cancel your subscription at least 24-hours before your renewal date or upgrade to an annual plan.

When will my cameras be upgraded?
Your cameras will be upgraded once you upgrade your firmware.

If I have multiple cameras on Complete Motion Capture, will they all be upgraded?
Yes! All cameras enrolled to Complete Motion Capture have been upgraded to Cam Plus.

What if I don’t want to pay the extra price of Cam Plus?
Beginning in August 2021, your subscription will automatically renew at $1.99/month unless you cancel your subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel your subscription at any time from your Subscriptions page or by contact us.


I just took a lot at my subscriptions and it looks like my fee already increased to $1.99 per camera? Thought that was supposed to happen in August 2021. Bug?


I gave up on the Cam Plus Free Trial and the Beta app because the service got worse and even more unreliable. I got all the weird charges and refunds today, and was able to chat with support. But they had no answers. The moment I clicked “Cam Plus Beta Free Trial”, I stopped getting notificatons and event recordings for the camera. It was only after I disabled Cam Plus, and reverted to CMC, I got notifications and event recordings. But then today I got the charge and charge backs. This has not been a smooth transition. I was still charged $0.80 for 2 cams. But was only refunded $0.76 for the prorated CMC cancellation. But then refunded $0.78 for actually cancelling CMC. And charged the full $2.98 for two cams for CMC. What a mess.

  1. Why the need to upgrade firmware when it is all “cloud” processing?

  2. How does this mesh with the name-your-price Person Detection grandfathering? Will CamPlus grandfatherees in 2021 be paying their $X for PD “plus” the full $1.99 if they also want to have CMC?


Its prorated

How do you pro rate a rate that you invented?

According to my e-bill you have already charged me the increased rate of 1.99. Not acceptable. Please change your billing to the previous 1.49 rate.

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I was going to post the Great Success gif but aside from his role as Original King Julian I can’t stand that guy.

Wyze promise Person Detection going to be FREE forever. Now wyze change the name to cam plus and add person Detection and charge more money for something was promised to be FREE.
Now I going to pay for $1.49 for CMC and $.50c for person dectection for each Camera


Not exactly. CAM Plus is CMC with Person Detection added.
Person Detection on it’s own isn’t free but you choose the price, so far.
It is confusing.


I believe that is for Legacy PD users only.

Person Detection supposed to be FREE for life now you are paying $. 50 per camera.


Yes and no. Long story. You may be grandfathered for the name-your-price “experiment”. As noted, confusing.

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So, if you never used PD in the past you can only get it by subscribing to CAM Plus? How are they ever going to arrange that?

I don’t think Jason is being accurate on this one? I think he just meant the promisees.

Sorry for the confusing implementation! It’s been pretty tricky to figure out the balance between trying to keep the promise to the best of our ability and making sure it’s something we can do long-term. We know it’s kinda complicated. :sweat_smile:

Person Detection on its own with the price choice option will only be available for people had Wyze accounts before we made the promise when we had to announce the partnership ending. For people outside of that cohort, they will need to subscribe to Cam Plus to use Person Detection.


I never used person detection , so, it now looks like in the future, I will pay more for CMC even though, I don’t want person detection


Just to be even more clear, PD without CAM Plus will not be available for new WYZE customers?


What do you mean?