Complete Motion Capture Website Ready for Beta Testing

Hello everyone,

I am thrilled to announce that the Complete Motion Capture website is finally ready for beta testing!

We also prepared a coupon for our beta testers to thank you for helping us improve the quality of our service and experience. It is an additional 14-day trial for any number of selected cameras.

Please use this coupon code during checkout: CMCBetaBunch

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to your feedback!

Related Issues:

  1. The coupon can only be applied after entering payment information. It is by design from the payment service provider we are using.
  2. Cancel & Refund Policy. If your subscription is cancelled, it is prorated and the amount proportional to the unused time will be refunded to you.
  3. We delayed the official launch of CMC to better address the “fragment not found” and other quality issues. If you encounter any problems, please send a log report to us.

one camera had cmc trial then ended the trial, now this camera does not record events when detection zone is on, does anyone else hss this issue

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I just signed up. Works great. Thanks for all the work the Wyze team has put in to make this feature happen.

Would love to give you all my money for this, but I’m not in the USA or Canada. Any plans to add PayPal as a payment option?


I had that issue with one early on in the beta, if you go to advanced settings in the cam in question and do a restart it seemed to fix it when it happened to me.

Awesome! :slight_smile: Glad we can add multiple cameras now.

Just made an amazon order, I’ll be getting this tomorrow so I’ll be able to do some fun testing.

Hi there. One thing I noticed with CMC is that person detection that was working fairly well gets a lot worse. Attached is a 17 second video that clearly should have been marked as a person and was not.

Also the ability to share the video for analysis was missing. I could not directly upload the video as it was to large.

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I have the same issue with the Beta @rbruceporter

I signed up yesterday, activated the camera I wanted the on the service and I still only get just the 12 seconds clips. I rebooted the cam and no change. Any ideas?

I should have been clearer. I am on the iOS beta also. That said I noticed Person detection was turned off all of a sudden for the camera I signed up for CMC with. Weird, I enabled it again and we shall see.

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A note to international users, this works only in US and Canada. Again, I wonder why geo-restrictions on such services. Technical, legal or practical reasons?

It’s a combination of factors, having support available and capable of speaking the language for both sales and product support. Having the required licenses and so forth, having fulfillment centers in place for shipping, having enough product to handle demand. Translation of the app and voice prompts from the cameras etc as appropriate.

The list goes on and on. Doing business internationally is not a simple matter especially for a technical product. Selling something like glassware usually requires far less support than a technology product. Legal requirements to sell a product in the EU alone are daunting.


Do you have the beta app / beta fw on the camera?

I am assuming that is the case, as i did sign up now and i dont see any changes :frowning:

That is a most excellent question and implies that I probably should have, however I didn’t because nowhere in any of the discussion did it say that it required having any particular software requirements other than a software upgrade which I did, but it’s the stock one. I did notice however that I have a number of clips that are only 11 seconds long for some reason. Thanks. That may in fact be the problem. If I don’t see any change or improvement I can least cancel before the 14 day trial is over and the it starts costing me.

I think that makes 3 of us… I didn’t think about needing to have Beta FW installed and the cam is in a place I can not get to (without moving a boatload of things in the garage.)
I also got caught out by the wording of the post, and mistakenly thought it meant I could beta test a website to view the CMC.
Guess I am not very Wyze at all. :frowning:

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@charley @mark55 Everything posted in the “Beta” section of the forum is related to features that are only available in the beta version of the app, but I understand that it’s probably easy not to pay attention to that. Haha.

Re-enabling person detection worked for me with CMC. Everything is good now. Thanks @rbruceporter for the tip.

Glad it worked for you as well. Mine is working again as well.