Cam Plus Early Bird Special Announcement!

Hi, forum friends!

I know that I already did a more general post about Cam Plus. Here’s the official announcement with the coupon code for those who want an annual subscription for Cam Plus! :grin:

We’re stoked to announce our new no-contract, optional upgrade for Wyze Cam users: Cam Plus! Cam Plus has the best of both worlds allowing you to record full-length videos, receive real-time alerts when people are detected, and filter your Event videos based on the presence of people in the clips.

Help us celebrate! For a very limited time, save an additional 20% on your first year of Cam Plus when you use code EBIRD at checkout through! This early bird offer expires August 6th, 11:59PM PT. :bird:


Ummm, tempting🤔 I will read comments before jumping in your offer. I have read so munch rants about the service. I don’t want to be one of them.

Do we have a time to cancel the service when we take it for a year?

This offer is for Canadian too? I think so because in the payment information we have 2 choices: United States or Canada

Edit: forget it. I have just subscribed for 1 cam. I’m gonna test it and see if I will be buying some more.

Total cost with discount: $11.84us, or $15.88can no taxes. for 1 year.

You make it sound lovely but the reality is that Wyze is being less than honest announcing this via the customer message board rather than sending a direct email to subscribers.
You sent me an email stating that i was being ‘upgraded’ (without my consent) and that you would refund a prorated amount that i already paid and then charge me a prorated amount for the new plan. You charged me for the new plan but never issued a refund for the old. When I call i am told my request has to be ‘escalated’ and never hear back. On top of not asking you to do this you double charge me then make me waste my time getting you to do what you say you will do. Pittiful! Disuputing all of your charges, camera and all with my credit card company. you just shot yourself in the foot and i don’t want to have anything to do with a dishonest operation like yours that does things without consent and then lies about calling back.

Yay! Thanks for the discount :slight_smile:

Well, maybe you just have to wait a little bit and check your email, because I did get an email about this 10 minutes ago


Ugh signed up a few days ago for the yr. wish I would have waited… I like saving a little more

How does it work if you end up wanting to add a camera or 2 after August 6th?

With the new Cam Plus service is there functionality that allows you to download a video from the cloud storage?



Yes, The app has always had the option to save your video clips from the cloud

Saving and Sharing Videos

You can also save and download individual Event Videos. To do this, tap on the Event Video you are interested in. On the top right of that Event Video you will see Share share.jpg and Download download.png icon .


Would you look at that… complaints before people even try it out lol. I’m excited about the announcement and will give it a try, it’s dirt cheap! go look at the monthly Google nest rates for similar features then come back and let us know what you think.


What I was paying and what I am paying now for complete motion capture ($1.49 ea) on 2 cameras $2.98 per month with person detection now added, $35. 76 per year
Early bird special 1 Year of Cam Plus $11.84 per cam , 2 cams $23.68 sounds like a pretty good deal


@KeemReviewz What the hell are you talking about “complaints before trying it out.”
They already upgraded me. WITHOUT warning and WITHOUT my convent. And they double billed me. [Mod Edit] idiots that would not only think that is ok but came up up with the stupid plan to give a prorated credit and then charge back the same amount (but no credit actually issued) instead of just upgrading on renewal date is the sure sign that idiots are running the show.

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Just cancel your current service and re-purchase with the discount code.

I just did this myself. I had the monthly plan on 3 cams, canceled, immediately received a refund, then purchased the discounted annual for those 3 cams. Note, I 1st removed the cam+ service from those cams in the app, then cancel from the services website.



They should pin your post.:slightly_smiling_face:

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The old “Bait and Switch”! I purchased these cameras (3) for their ability to detect people last Christmas. You took it away now you have it back and charging. Class Action suit sounds like it may be coming?

thanks man good thinking!!. great advice!!! i ended up doing that exactly :wink:
took the sub off the cam i had… then cancelled sub, got the refund email, then reordered, x2 this time hahaha , so they still got more from me this time around then the 1st time… but i saved more…

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hello. today received the email about the early bird special for annual subscription for the new CAM plus. went ahead and ordered today because of the first year discount price of $11.84 which makes it less than one buck (99¢) per month. regular annual price $14.99 in second year would be $1.30 per month which is less than current/previous CMC monthly $1.49 pricing. sorry but me have to do the math to justify my ordering this.

anyways, last week, other recent wyze email says CMC upgraded to CAM plus. but wyze app confusingly says it’s still CMC with free trial ending 8/12. assuming next version of wyze app will correct this to say CAM plus. also see in my wyze account and got email about most recent CMC payment being reversed/refunded because CMC canceled and replaced with trial version of CAM plus.

me have to think backwards on all this, because a tiny bit confusing, but have to ask: the CAM plus trial on my account still continues until 8/12?? and then my today-ordered annual CAM plus subscription (with $11.48 acually paid now) then goes into effect on 8/12 (or 8/13)? yes???

also, one other question. the new CAM plus continues on the same camera that the CMC was on, yes???

sorry, although me can guess/hope all will be straightforward in processing of these changes, but these changes cause my need for more certainty. thanks.

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You have to update the firmware in your cameras before it will run the new service.

I got mine at 3:46 PM (5 hours ago) CST.