Cam Plus and other servives

Ive been with Wyze Cam since the beginning. I like the way it used to be with the cameras.

When there was an event you could click on the particular camera’s event thumbnail and you would get a short video…FOR FREE…

Now you have to pay for service.

Heres my question: When you buy cam plus is it for all your cameras or just one. I have 17 Wyze Cams?

You can get CamPlus Lite for most cameras for free and get 12 seconds of video with a five minute cooldown between recordings. There is an “unlimited” version of CamPlus that covers 99 cameras for the cost of five cameras ($9.99/month).


CamPlus is an individual cam license paid either monthly or annually.

There have been times in the past when Wyze has offered a 3, 5, and 10 cam license bundle special offer.

As @WildBill mentioned, Wyze also offers CamPlus Unlimited billed monthly or annually and allows for up to 99 cams at a single residential location.

And CamPlus Lite is different and applies to every eligible camera on the account at once… Except it won’t work with my new V3s. :frowning:

CamPlus Lite is not compatible with the V3Pro or the Doorbell Cams. It is compatible with the the other Wyze Cams, including the V3, although there is no mention of compatibility with the WCOv2.

Also add that CamPlus Lite imposes a mandatory 5 minute timeout cooldown between uploaded Event Videos and only provides the additional Smart AI Person Detection.

Not with my new V3s (not Pros). Alexa person detection announcements are disabled as if Lite is not in effect.

That’s an Alexa issue and not a Wyze issue. If you are getting Event Recording and Person Detection Events in the Events tab of the Wyze App then CamPlus Lite is working properly on the cams.

Alexa is in shambles right now with the 10,000 plus employee layoff. Even if Wyze could submit updates and upgrades to the Wyze Skill, the probability of Alexa staff certifying the updates and implementing them is minimal at best.

Cams that were previously working on CPL thru Alexa still work, just don’t adjust them. Chances are that you will loose it. I had that issue in the past w\ a PanV1. It lost Alexa PD when I adjusted settings. I had to wait for an Alexa update to fix it.

I would suggest jumping over to the Alexa forum and investigate there.

Yeah you know that would be a huge waste of time, especially considering the chaos you cite. Alexa has always been a mystery pit even in the best of times.

Anything specific to this Wyze skill should be handled here. As it stands my new V3s are mostly useless to me. (Bought them to replace V2s.)

You already know that Amazon is more in control of this than Wyze is. Wyze doesn’t get to make on the fly changes to the skill without full Alexa staff review and implementation. And, any changes in the Alexa app can potentially fubar the skill… out if Wyze control.

It is unfortunate, but that is the reality we have. And yes, Wyze wins the CS comparison with Alexa. I would be hesitant to go down that rabbit hole also.

It certainly is more responsive here in the forum to discuss it and place responsibility and accountability on Wyze, but that is misplaced when Amazon and Alexa is the cause of the failure.

I think that’s merely your assumption. The database for what devices are on what plans - sits on a Wyze server. The skill itself - sits on a Wyze server. The API allowing Alexa to pull such information - sits on a Wyze server. The only things that are dependent on Alexa are the frequency of polling that data and any possible caching of that data.

Amazon isn’t deciding my camera isn’t covered by person detection. Wyze is.

[These in turn are my assumptions/understandings. :slight_smile: ]

We shall agree to disagree then. Good luck!

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The main reason I don’t think this is the case, is because of recent Alexa issues in the Fix It Friday reports…Some actions and triggers were unavailable, such as for plugs and the Video Doorbell for a while even though they were previously working fine. Wyze hadn’t changed anything on their end and still had everything on their side setup correctly, but for some reason Alexa was still saying those triggers and and actions weren’t available through the Wyze Skill anymore even though nothing had changed. Wyze gave us updates week after week that they were continually contacting Alexa trying to get them to fix it, and it was really hard for Wyze to get anyone at Alexa to respond. It took weeks, if not going into months before they finally got Alexa to fix the issue on their end despite actively trying and contacting Alexa and just being ignored forever.

Therefore, after that, it has become my default assumption that most, if not all the Alexa trigger and action problems are primarily Alexa’s fault, not Wyze.

Regardless, it does still fall on Wyze to be made aware when there are such issues and for Wyze to take the effort necessary to contact Alexa and get them to fix it on their end…but I don’t really assume the long delays, or breakage or bugs are usually Wyze’s fault anymore since it’s been fairly well demonstrated that the Alexa team just breaks things and is difficult to convince to fix them in a timely/professional manner. And I think it’s only going to get worse since Amazon downsized the Alexa team and pulled TONS of funding away from them.

Though to be fair, as you said, we’re all making lots of assumptions. I’m basing a lot of mine on those weekly reports from Wyze about how they were resolving the previous Alexa issues that were reported and FINALLY resolved…and it sounds like Wyze didn’t have to do anything at all on their end besides plead with Alexa to do what they’re supposed to.


Whatever the cause, Wyze advertise that their cameras work with Alexa and not sometimes work with Alexa. :rofl:

I understand the recent Alexa problems won’t have helped, just frustrating when it does happen.

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It stinks for me because the Alexa person announcements are the single biggest reason I’ve stayed with Wyze this long. Very few others even offer it. But it’s been erratic for years.