CamPlus Scam?

I received an email today offering a free month of CamPlus by using a special code. Clicked on the provided link but there was no place to insert the code. I ended up getting charged for a month with automatic renewal. And it doesn’t look like there any way to automatically cancel the subscription!

Forget trying to call customer support. I’ve tried three times recently to call only to wait on hold and then get dropped to a dial tone each time. Wyze is running too fast and is tripping all over themselves!


Try using chat. If you go to Contact Us… just keep clicking through and eventually it asks if you want to talk to someone. I have always had fast responses and solutions.

Which Support phone number did you try calling when you got dropped? The tool free or direct? How long were you on hold when this happened? The 844-999-3226 or 206-339-9646?

I was calling 206-339-9646 each time. 57 minutes was the longest. The other two were about 45 minutes.

I’ve been a big supporter of Wyze, but I will no longer recommend anything from Wyze. The documentation provided is worse than poor. And trying to contact them via phone is a waste of my time. I certainly don’t want feel responsible when friends run into that brick wall. I yearn for the good ol’ days when Wyze cared about customers.

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What time of day did you call? That is certainly a long time to be on hold. Personally the longest I’ve had to wait was right at 20 mins at an off peak time. I’ll send your experience up the ladder.

The included paper documents? Have you visited the Support pages? That is kept very up to date with lots of info on the different products. I believe the paper documents are just enought to get the product installed, but then any thing further is available online due to firmware and feature changes that occur. Less of the chance the paper documents would be out of date with previous info.

Just go onto the chat feature. You will get help immediately.

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I don’t see a chat function. I’ve asked two other people to try to find a chat function and neither of them could find it either. And the fact that others couldn’t find a path to chat allows me to post this without feeling like a total dunce!

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I admit, hard to find, but like I said… Go through contact us, answer no until you are asked if you want to talk to a person. I have done this several times.

fills like they got big and cant handle volume
i had 1 CamPlus for a year added 2 more and got charged for 3 …
i was like …OK ill just use 4 … well i dont have 4 … its only 3 … 1st one just disappeared

emails support… got email back asking for my email? :thinking: replied Monday no response …
used online form again … got email back 2 times
Note: We are experiencing high support volumes, and our response may be delayed 48-72 hours.

We’re sorry you have not received a response yet. Complications due to Covid-19 and unexpected weather events have led to a delay in responses…

I also receive many Emails advertising Cam Plus and sometimes it feels like they are forcing you to buy the Cam Plus by including it with a V3, I 've had Cam Plus for close to a year and it still DOES NOT WORK! It does what it wants sometimes shows a car as a person, other times it cut out after a few seconds of the action , other times it starts at the end of the triggered action other times it says error in the recording . You are right seems like they are moving too fst and tripping over themselves. They need to work on this product and take care of and listen to their customers. I have been embarrassed by friends I recommended Wyze and have come back to me complaining of products they have purchased are not working properly like the connection to Alexa. When Alexa warns of someone in your property it says waiting for Wyze and by the time the Wyze feed shows up its too late. It seems to me that they have introduced (and keep introducing new items) new products that are not totally functional and then forget or are too busy to come back to repair and do not listen to the customers who are stuck with a deficient product or worse got hurt when depending on the product and when needed it failed. Wyze was GREAT when it introduced its V1 camera but kept working on it till it got it right and would answer the phone quickly to help customers get it working but those good old days have disappeared. If they don’t take charge and start getting all their products fixed they will lose their customers. I for one will not buy Cam plus anymore or any new product and have been gravitating to more reliable brands. What good is an inexpensive product if IT DOES NOT WORK!


I totally agree with you. I had a similar problem when I bought it at the beginning and they were offering a special yearly discount. Needless to say there was no way to make it work or assign it to a camera and their ONLY solution was to cancel my subscription and then renew it again which I did. It solved the problem but I was billed full price and lost my savings. Then Had a problem with billing and you are right the call have a long wait and the chat is hard to find and sometimes feels like a robot at the other end or they send you to a boiler plate answer. Its all blamed on the COVID 19 like everyone else exploiting this Pandemic. It seems that message the delay its due to Covid is STANDARD for every business. I just hope they wake up and realize to get products working and keep customers happy will keep them in business as opposed to keep introducing products half working. This reputation is beginning to EMERGE !


Problem fixed through chat in less than 2 minutes.

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They don’t have the chat feature anymore, just email. Take 48 hours to respond minimum. They are indeed tripping over themselves.

they still have " chat feature " it maybe linked to business hours …
but it did not get "fixed " through chat just end up with new "ticket number "…

I got a code for the free month and looked in the app and didn’t see where the code would go. Opted to head to to sign up there instead where there was a clear ‘Have a code?’ banner at the top. Clicked that, pasted code in, got my free month. Worked like a charm.

lucky you you did not have any CamPlus already - it kills you existing subscription

It gave me the choice of how I wanted to apply it. I picked a camera that I don’t have Cam Plus on previously. I know it can get re-assigned as necessary so if I want to let one of my other monthly subscriptions expire I can shift this over to that camera.

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please provide print screen of how you subscription looks like in app and web got no option on how to apply it only if it will be “Billed annually or monthly”

app also got no options to have different lines of subscriptions they all bulked in 1 set X# of cameras

i added 1 month it killed 1 year i had
and at the time I added 2 more camera it killed one month also

now i paid for 1 camera 1 year + 1 free month + 2 more cameras , (got billed for 3 more)
so i have 3 total and paid for 4 …

How do I get the app to stop pestering me about buying CamPlus? I’ve declined a zillion times. I’m not interested now, or later, so please just stop asking.

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FIY , it got fixed today :+1:
option we/they gone with is account credit for 1 camera and I was able to add 4th camera to my subscription