The Cam Plus Update Money Grab

I have only now just been made aware of Wyze’s “update” with which they BRICK your cameras unless you pay them more in the form of a subscription. My outdoor cam has worked for years without a subscription. Now it doesn’t work, and I was told I had to pay more to make it work again.

When I purchased my cameras, when Wyze got their money for them, they didn’t tell me that, at some point, those cameras would no longer work unless I forked over more money. Had they told me that when I bought the system, I wouldn’t have bought it.

This is really something that needs to be disclosed when you buy the product, not later. Imagine you buy, say, an electric car. You drive it for two years and then the manufacturer “updates” your car so that it will no longer drive unless you send them some more money. That’s what’s happened here.

Do you own another Wyze product? Scale? Vacuum? What now prevents Wyze from “updating” your vacuum so that it no longer turns on until you send them more money? Nothing does. They did it with the cameras - there is no reason why they shouldn’t try to get more money from the vacuum, scale, or any other Wyze product, that you bought.

I don’t blame them for making money. However, what’s super wrong is taking away a product’s basic functionality, a functionality that was a selling point for the product at the time of purchase, and then charging to get it back. They should have grandfathered in everyone who owned the affected products prior to the policy change and, going forward, applied the updated policy/charges to those who purchased the products AFTER then change.

In a chat, a Wyze rep has openly admitted to me that, at some point in the future, my scale might be updated to no longer work as a scale until I pay Wyze more money. Wow.

I know that there are more important things going on in the world, and subscribing to Cam Lite Plus isn’t a lot of money. It’s not the money involved here, it’s the principle. I wouldn’t expect any company to do this, and it’s particularly shocking to see Wyze do it because of how they present themselves as a customer-friendly company.

And while I’m only one customer and my money means nothing to Wyze in the big picture, I don’t see how I can justify buying another Wyze product (I had been looking at the doorbell) because I don’t wish to expose myself to another shakedown which, let’s be honest, is what this is.

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I am not sure who you were chatting with or why that would be said. I am not a Wyze Employee just a community member like you. I have most of the Wyze products and have never had an issue with the devices not working unless you pay a subscription. A subscription to Cam Plus is optional and not mandatory but it does give you additional benefits. If you don’t want to Pay for Cam Plus, you could Subscribe to Cam Plus Lite and option for $0 per month

Can you provide more information as to what you are experiencing or what issues you are having. Please include the following so it can be looked into:

  • App Version
  • Device you are experiencing issues with
  • Device Firmware version
  • Plugin Version



If the Cam Plus Lite subscription can be obtained for free, that would be great, but the rep didn’t tell me that was possible, and did ask the price.

The reason she told me that it’s possible that the scale could be bricked until the user pays more money was because I asked her directly.

It can. Here is a link so you can see some of the plans. Notice at the bottom of Cam Plus Lite you can Name your Price. In addition, you can see the differences between plans

Cam Plus - Get 14-day Cloud Storage & Unlimited Video Recording - Wyze.

Scroll down a bit to Key Features

Scale has nothing to do with Cam Plus, which scale do you have? I have the Original and the X, both of which continue to function. The Scale Communicates Via Blue-tooth, so not sure what they are getting at.


Did support happen to give you a ticket number?


Gosh, I love this forum. Seems like every few days we start all over again. No one, or a least so few bother to read the content that has already been asked and answered. Here’s another form of this question asked and answered. And the answer was well done.


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Just to update this post and include that; Cam Plus Lite is not the solution lol
I was basically forced to sign up for Cam Plus Lite last year after my cameras stopped working. Option to pay was nice, I supported. I paid. My cameras worked as usual. Person detection, 12 second recording, 1-5 minute Cool down time. I’m happy with that.

This month, I noticed my cameras were recording on a 5-minute Cool down, if detecting at all. Now, after updating, I can no longer get anything under a 5-minute cool down and no person detection. These are key benefits that I’ve been paying for through Cam Plus Lite for over a year and now they’re being held hostage for more money? I’m surprised more people aren’t complaining about this. As customers, we agreed on a price for a provided service, we paid for that service, now shouldn’t we receive the services we pay for? Charging for features that used to be free, then up-charging that charge again, for the same features that were originally free, frustrates me as a customer. I get cost go up, profits need to be made, but try adding value to your product to incentivize us to upgrade, not deduct from what we currently have and are currently paying for, only to charge more for that same feature/product.

Not sure how you were getting a variable cool down time on any cam associated with Cam Plus Lite. The only cams I am aware have this feature are the Wyze Cam Outdoor and are a function of the cam to preserve battery life. But I thought that function was for the local recording.

Since inception, Cam Plus Lite has always had a minimum 5 minute cooldown.

What updates were done that initiated these changes? Firmware? App?

What cam models and what firmware are you running with CPL? There hasn’t been a change to CPL. Person Detection is still included.

Have you confirmed that all your cams are still assigned to the the Cam Plus Lite license under the Account → Services Tab?

Strange cause, I have a Doorbell, indoor V1/V2, and Outdoor cams and I’ve included screenshots of my settings where 1-minute cooldown is STILL an option, and still selected. Yet does not work anymore.
**edit could only add one image at a time

Indoor settings with 1-minute cooldown

The Battery operated Wyze Cam Outdoor and the Battery operated Doorbell Cam Pro will both have the option for a user defined cooldown setting on the device. This is used to conserve the Battery.

The Doorbell Cam is incompatible with Cam Plus Lite. It can’t be assigned. Without Cam Plus, the doorbell cam automatically gets 12s Video Uploads and a 5 minute cooldown between uploads.

The WCO is compatible with Cam Plus Lite, however the cooldown imposed by the CPL subscription is 5 minutes regardless of the local cooldown settings on the cam.

The cooldown settings in each cam would only be effective under 5 minutes if you had a Cam Plus subscription assigned to each cam, which doesn’t impose a subscription cooldown and allows the cam to use cooldowns shorter than 5m.

What I can’t answer is how it has taken this long to get your cams aligned with the standard Cam Plus Lite subscription restrictions and how you operated for nearly a year getting more services than Cam Plus Lite offers. The only explanation I have is that you were on a Legacy PD subscription previously. Perhaps the subscription renewed and that made the change in the account?

I appreciate the in-depth answer but I have disagree. I have had my cameras for over 3 years and have never had anything other than a 1-minute Cooldown set on all 5 cameras (1 doorbell, 2 indoor V1/V2, 3 WOC). This was actually the standard before Cam Plus Lite. Of course, I upgraded to CPL when my cameras became useless, but I have never had Cam Plus and I have always had 1-minute cooldown set on all my cameras, interior or exterior (doorbell included).

Doorbell settings with 1-minute cooldown option selected

It may be a doorbell pro, and it may have a 1m cooldown that can be set in the settings, just like the Wyze Cam Outdoor, but it isn’t assigned to Cam Plus Lite and still is subject to a 5 minute Cooldown without Cam Plus. Doorbells are incompatible with Cam Plus Lite. They always have been.

And, as you have already been informed in the other thread by @carverofchoice, the wired cams don’t have cooldown settings options, only the Outdoor Cams and the Doorbell Pro.

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My doorbell recording in 1-minute intervals, without Cam Plus. Recent as last week. Not with a doorbell “pro”, no legacy PD? And I’m not a part of any ‘beta’ program. And currently, none of my (4) WOCs record. Are you going to tell me that WOCs only record with Cam Plus now too?

Actually, that is a Video Doorbell Pro. The Video Doorbell V1 does not have a Fisheye lens like the Video Doorbell Pro. And, those aren’t recorded video. Those are thumbnail snapshots which adds another interesting twist to the changes you have experienced. It is my understanding that both doorbells get 12s uploads if not on a Cam Plus subscription. Why yours isn’t doing that is curious.

Post a screenshot of the Device Info page where it shows the Device Model.

I have been asking some other community volunteers about how the VDBPro and the WCO user set cooldown feature interacts with the subscription restricted 5 minute cooldown for cams that are not subscribed. There has been some discussion and testing to see if those two cams have been previously allowed to userp the basic cam 5 minute cooldown thru the Cam Settings variable cooldown and if they still do under the newest firmware and app version. Which versions you have installed would be useful.

You mentioned an update that made the changes. Was this an app update or firmware updates? What app version are you running and what firmware version is each affected Cam running?

No. These should be recording as well, although the length of the cooldown is in question. Still trying to definitively pin down how it is supposed to act on no subscription or on Cam Plus Lite.

When did you make the upgrade to CP Lite? Are the affected cams still assigned to CP Lite in the Services tab?

You mentioned that your V1 and V2 cams had this variable cooldown feature as well. However the image posted in the other thread was a V3 Cam. Can you verify by the firmware number installed on each of the affected cams which models they are?

Regardless, the V1, V2, and V3 cams, and every other Wyze “plug in” wired cam is not supposed to have a Variable Cooldown. Having this feature on a V1, V2, or V3 would be a one-in-a-million anomoly that is the veritable Unicorn of features for a wired cam. No one else has that feature on their wired cams. I dont. How that may have happened, and how it happened for so long, is the real mystery.

I can check the data and answer more of your questions tomorrow. However, those were not video snapshots they were 12-second videos, back to back, recorded in 1-minute intervals, just last week. Furthermore, my Deck WOC is back online, and recording at 2-minute intervals (less than 5-minute), without Cam Plus. And they said it was impossible…

Indeed. I was mistaken. I didn’t see the time length of the video listed and didn’t zoom in to look at the corder of the image for the thumbnail icon. It has been so long since my cams were on CPL that I had forgotten the CPL clips don’t show the video length.

So, the VDBPro, without any subscription, is getting the 12s upload videos. The only issue now is that the cooldown has gone from 1m to 5m since your update. Very curious as to what that update was.

Will await your reply tomorrow.

Same thing happens to me. I changed my Internet proviser so to change wifi on my cameras I had to reinstall them as if they were new cameras. However For one camera I never heard “ready to connect” and for others it does not read the QR code. Chat with online tells me they are out of warranty. They Suck!

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum anildalal1! :raising_hand_man:

The easiest way to maintain all devices online when performing a WiFi Router swap is to name the new router the exact same SSID and use the exact same Password as the old one. Doing so allows all previous network devices to log into the new network router without ever noticing the mothership was upgraded.

For both devices that are having trouble getting back on the network. A factory reset may be necessary. What model cams are you dealing with?