Hi, My android mobile isn’t allowing ANY visible way to cancel my cam plus subscription.

As suggested, I go to services.wyze.com, & click Account. All I see is "To get started click the “Add a subscription” button which takes me to details of how to subscribe to Camplus, Sprinkler plus, or Home Monitoring. There is no edit button or any mention of how to cancel this darned subscription. I’ve only had this V2 camera two weeks. I’ve never wanted CAM plus! Never. Now I can’t seem to even cancel it. Please can someone point me in a more positive direction please. I think the whole Camplus thing is highly unacceptable.

Thank you.

On my iOS mobile web browser, when I go to Account I see a list of services with an Edit link to the right of each of them. I click Edit, and I see a “Cancel Subscription” below the Save button.

When I access Account using my Mac’s web browser, I see “Cancel Subscription” to the right of the subscription title after clicking Edit.

So clicking Edit seems to be the step you need?

Note I am using a web browser and not the app.

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I can confirm, no way to do it via the ap on either iOS or Android.
However when I go to services.wyze.com and log in, I am presented with this screen:

Edit shows on the right for each (Circled in red). When I click Edit for the CamPlus subscription, get this screen:

Top right (circled in green) is the cancel button - and yes, since I bought the Unlimited, I do need to cancel this one. So I did, and got this popup:


I selected the confirmation and got this:

This was all done from a Windows PC using Chrome as a browser.

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I can’t see a single edit button. When I click Services I get CAM Plus or Home Monitoring or Sprinkler Plus. , I

On your phone App or on a PC web browser?

Curious, did you buy CamPlus through Wyze or somewhere else.

Is it possible that you are using the 14 day Trial Version, which will not have a cancel option as it just expires.


I am on a 14 day trial. I didn’t realise I couldn’t cancel. So thank you for that.