Can't cancel Cam Plus and other woes

I had various (3, as far as I can tell) subscriptions to Cam Plus. It’s a little confusing, because they’re listed differently on my Android phone than on the PC web interface. I want to synchronize then, so I signed up for the Cam Plus 3-pack and attempted to cancel the existing subscriptions.

Two cancelled with no problems. The third shows on the phone as “Annual Plan (Web) - 1 License” and is unassigned. It shows up on the PC as “Cam Plus (Black Friday Promo 2020)”. The phone app doesn’t seem to allow me to edit or cancel this. The PC version allows me to Edit, and the Edit screen offers a “Cancel subscription” button. But when I click it I get “Page Not Found”. So I now have an unused subscription that is set to auto-renew in November and seemingly no way to change it.

I’m here because I didn’t find any way to contact customer support directly. Can anyone here offer any help?

You can find the support contact info here


I called services support at the number you provided and Jessa had my issue resolved in 5 minutes! Well done!


Don’t we have a BUNCH of great forum members!
Smart and helpful. What a combination!