Unable to cancel cam plus!

I’ve had cam plus on 2 cameras since the black friday deal back in 2020. Haven’t used the service one single time, never have set it up. I thought I was doing great actually catching the renewal before it happened this year so that I could cancel the subscription. I got thru all the steps and upon hitting cancel, it goes to a page that says “page not found”. I only have a day before this is going to renew again, and I really need to get it canceled. Anyone have any recommendations with their site not working? I’ve emailed, tried different browsers, tried on phone and computer. None work. Thanks in advance.

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Could you send a screenshot of the error your getting, and also the link of that page. Thanks.

Try services.wyze.com, hit the account icon, navigate to the list of your services, and cancel through there.

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This is what I got after going to list of my services, clicking cancel and answering the questions, then clicking yes I’m sure I want to cancel.

*** I did hear back from customer service and they were able to cancel it on their end! However, the page still needs fixed so that others don’t run into this same problem.