Cancel auto renew

I need help canceling an auto renew for cam plus. When I try unsubscribing it says page not found. The chat wizards seem to be stuck in a loop asking which product and offering off subject advice. Any suggestions?

you can call support at the following:


Well I was able to call and they said they would cancel the auto renew. But now I have been trying to check the status for the last three days and keep getting an internal server error. Please fix your websites.

This is a community Member forum, I am a Volunteer Community member who help out when I can. I am not a Wyze Employee. I would recommend contacting Wyze Back and checking on the status.

However, Can you post the URL you were going to? I would like to see if I can get to it and if there is an issue.



I just click on the “manage Wyze services” button and it goes here, Wyze Service which shows the server error. I’m using an iPad with Safari.

WIll check sometime today

The webpage is working today and my subscription has been canceled.