Wyze cam plus via Apple Store for cameras

Are there 2 ways to get Cam Plus for my cameras.
1- Via Wyze app
2. Apple Store ?

Which is the better way to go ?

Also, If I have active Cam Plus via the Apple Store on my cameras and then cancel them before the expiration date, how long will it take before the service actually STOPS on my cameras ?

I would log into the WYZE Web site and purchase from WYZE. You can cancel from the web site also but I don’t think you will get any $$$ back. It will be active until the end of the pay period.

Thanks Antonio’s
Let me clarify, my question a little better. I had a cam plus subscription purchased through the Apple app. I subsequently canceled it and was given full credit for the remainder of the one year subscription. This was 5 days ago. As of now, my cam plus subscription is still active.

My question is will wyze at some point end my cam plus benefits and if so, how long can I expect that to take ? I am anticipating that my cam plus benefits will end but that has not yet happened.

I have no idea how transactions between Apple and WYZE work but I would keep an eye on your credit card statement. Have you gone on the app > account > services and see if the Cam Plus has an end date like here.

Yes I have gone on the app > account > services and found that it shows
Single Camera Annual Plan Renews June 7, 2024.
However as I stated above the plan was purchased via Apple and they have already canceled it and refunded me.

Additionally the Cam Plus is still working. Next I shall call Wyse I guess, but it looks like I’m getting the service free now as its been refunded.

Or since it has only been 5 days since you cancelled maybe WYZE is asleep at the switch and hasn’t seen that it was cancelled on Apple.???

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Neither. Log into your account from a web browser on the Wyze website. WAY too may horror stories here on the forum about problems with paid services purchased via other methods.

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I will take your advice and give it some time. Seems like I have nothing to lose because the cost of the subscription has been refunded. It was actually on three cameras not one as I noted before.

Until WYZE sends you a bill. :rofl: