$7.99/month unlimited Cam Plus

My $7.99/month unlimited Cam Plus has stopped renewing and it appears I no longer have services.

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Could be they have enough customers? So they no longer want to give out discount?

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How long did you have the subscription? Was it being managed and billed thru the Wyze Website or thru the Play Store?

Is it possible that you were issued a new Credit Card with a new expiration date and CV Code? :man_shrugging:

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It was billed through PayPal and itv was recurring payment. Only one month billed 4/8/2023. For some reason Wyze stopped the subscription?

Billed thru PayPal is just the payment method. Did you purchase the subscription directly from Wyze thru their website (services.wyze.com) or did you purchase it thru the in app store which is actually processed, serviced, and billed by the Google Play Store for Android.

I would check both locations to see if there is something there that will tell you why the subscription stopped.

Once you determine who is managing the subscription, then you can contact them to ask why it didn’t bill this month.

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Finally resolved. Billing $7.99/ month until canceled. I’ll stick with the discounted plan. Thank you WYZE

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