Ordered subscription on wrong email

I accidentally ordered the subscription on the wrong email. Support is telling me to cancel without a refund and buy it again ($99!!). I find that crazy. The account with the wrong email does not even have any cameras on it.

@carverofchoice ? @WyzeJasonJ ? @WyzeMatt ? Any help here?

@WyzeMatt has stated this in the past when another user has had the same issue.:

@tylerrheaume, what is your support ticket number for this issue?




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Any help? I don’t think that this should take days to resolve.

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Also ordered subscription on wrong email and support says that I need to transfer over the other email. Currently no account on that email but a subscription. Is there an easier way or an automated tool to migrate over without having to reset all devices at numerous sites?

This is crazy.

I’m in a similar boat. I have been with Wyze for many years, and previously had home monitoring. I wanted to set up home monitoring on a rental unit so purchased a new sense hub and home monitoring. I didn’t know I had to make a new wyze account to have monitoring on a new address – this is silly.

I chatted with support and was told this would be escalated to an email ticket but never got an email - been over a week. So, trying again. I should not have to forfeit $99 because they don’t support nor communicate that a new account is needed. Further, there is now way to order the home monitoring service from my new account with buying ANTOHER wyze hub. I don’t get it.