Accidentially ordered subscription on wrong email address

I used Apply Pay to place a subscription order on the website which is a different email address than my Wyze account email address. I didn’t realize the subscription would go to the Apple Pay email address and not the wyze account I was logged in as. The order is not showing up on my Wyze account. Can I have the subscription transferred of refunded?

Technically this is a bug with Express Pay because I was logged in to the store with my Wyze account.

Yeah, contact support and let them know the situation. They should be able to do it for you. If you have any problems getting it moved over, please let us know and post the support ticket number along with what support told you and we’ll escalate it to someone in the subscriptions department to look into more thoroughly for you. :+1:


Thanks. i reached out via chat and they said they escalated it to a specialist and would need to continue over email. Waiting to hear back.

I also pointed out that it’s a problem that the store completely ignores the logged in account and uses the Express Pay email to attach the subscription. It’s probably not common for the wyze account and the express pay account not to have the same email but it still is possible and it should use the logged in account.

Thanks for your reply and I will reach out here if needed.

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They corrected the email address on the subscription and all is well. Very painless. Thanks!


Awesome! Thanks for the followup.

You made some really good points in your thread here. I hope they get it resolved soon so that it is even more painless for people in the future!


Glad to hear it!

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@carverofchoice the same thing happened to me as well. Is it possible to get my subscription transferred over? I was told it would need to be cancelled and I would not get a refund.

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This has happened to me several times. Today I had an offer for unlimited cameras for $3.99 for the first month, 60% off. Yet I only have one camera available and can’t find the transaction details anywhere else other than my debit card attached to my Apple Pay.
So frustrating they can’t fix this and they say they’re not able to or responsible for app transactions.

If it were me, I would try a different rep first, but you don’t have to. If you’d prefer, you may simply post the support ticket number where support already told you it would be canceled without a refund instead of transferred over to the correct account. Once you post that support ticket number with short summary of what the issue is, one of us volunteers will escalate the issue for you for someone to look into.

For any other volunteers who see this, any of you are always welcome to submit the escalation if you see the support ticket number in here before I do. :heart: Otherwise I’ll submit it myself when I see it.