Wyze offered me a 30-day Cam Plus subscription. Instead,it was added to the email linked to my Apple Pay, instead of the actual email which was linked to my main account

I got a pop up to sign up for the 30 day cam Plus subscription for free. (It popped up on MY ONLY WYZE ACCOUNT.) I paid $0 for the 30 day subscription. But here’s the thing. It made a SEPERATE ACCOUNT linked to my APPLE PAY’S iCLOUD EMAIL instead of my GMAIL LINKED WITH ALL MY CAMERAS to set up the Cam Plus subscription. I never even made an account using my Icloud, but Wyze did it by themselves. Instead of giving it to my Gmail (which is what I use with my Wyze cameras), it gave it to some random, new account that I DIDNT EVEN CREATE! Please help…

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So sorry about this. If you contact support with all the relevant information, they can easily get the cam plus license cancelled or switched to the right account.