Confused about new subscription

I have two cameras. When I bought them I signed up for cam plus for both of them for $40 a year. I did this through my phone with an iOS subscription.

I got an email today that said I could upgrade to the new Cam Unlimited and get more features plus a free v4 camera if I upgrade in the next 24 hours. That sounded pretty cool so I clicked “claim offer” and made the purchase of Cam Unlimited for $99.

Now I don’t see any way to reassign my cameras to the new plan, and it looks like the previous plan renewed itself today for another $40.


I just checked my purchase history and it looks like I was on a promotional free month of cam plus for the two cameras and it renewed this morning. Do I have to pay for both subscriptions now? I thought upgrading to cam unlimited would have just upgraded the subscription I already had. I didn’t think it would just add a second subscription.

Apple Purchase history

Please help. :slight_smile:

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Contact support. They will be able to help with this.

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Thank you, I just did. Ticket number 3852557. :smiley:

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Excellent. I expect they may be limited in what they can do if you ordered through the app on Apple, because technically that means the order was processed by Apple instead of Wyze and Apple doesn’t allow wyze to do refunds, however Wyze has a workaround, and what I expect them to do for you is to give you a credit by extending the length of your unlimited plan to make up for the difference. Then, even though Apple doesn’t allow them to refund you, they can still make sure you get all of your monies worth. At least, that is what I’m expecting them to do. Feel free to let me know what actually happens. :wink:


That sounds good. I’m not really worried about a refund as long as I get what I paid for. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on the upgrade @jbordelon and thanks for sharing the detailed info here.

By looking at your info, I understand the frustration here. You subscribed to the previous Cam Plus plans through the Apple App Store, which we have no control over or access from Wyze to manage or cancel it, that’s why there is a reminder on the webpage to make sure you are aware of the fact and cancel it through Apple ASAP.

As long as you cancel your previous Cam Plus subscriptions directly through Apple, you will NOT be double billed. You will only see one bill of $99.99 which renews every year.

Hope these answers help.


I did cancel the subscription on iOS before I made the purchase, but I did not realize it had already renewed this morning at 8:47am. The email that I got with the offer only gave me 24 hours to claim the offer, so it was a rushed purchase, and the offer did not appear to be available in the app, only by using the link in the email.

This is the button I clicked to make the purchase.image

Also, I still cannot figure out how to unassign my cameras from the old subscription to the new one. Any advice on that would be helpful.

I can’t unassign cam plus

So my cam unlimited is not applied to my cameras.


Hi, Jbordelon. We are working on the fix now. Will keep you posted.


Thank you very much! I was excited to play with facial recognition. Kind of a bummer I can’t right now. :grin:

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Hi, Jbordelon. The issue has been fixed on our side. Can you retry it again? Let me know if it works. Thanks!

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I force closed and reopened the app. No change as far as I can tell. I can’t even edit my previous smart detections. If I click the button to do so it just tells me an error has occurred.

These camera notifications are driving me crazy. I cannot change any settings and it’s alerting on EVERYTHING.

No response from support yet.

Hi, Jbordelon. I talked to our dev team this morning, and it should be fixed by now. Let me know if you still can’t use it. I can also hop on a call if needed.


Thanks! The app is working correctly now and my cams let me manage my notifications.

My only unresolved issue is getting the services merged or whatever it’s called. I chatted with support this morning but they weren’t able to help so they said they would pass it on to the “Support team”.

Below is basically what I need done.

Thanks for all your help so far and your willingness to get on a phone call if needed!

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Hello WyzeJxue,

I am also having a very similar problem with my account. I previously had Cam Plus on 4 cameras, I saw the offer and upgraded to Cam Unlimited. Now all of my “events” are limited to 12 seconds, and it tells me I need to upgrade to Cam Plus in order to record longer events. I cannot assign my subscription to the cameras because it says I don’t need to with Cam Unlimited. Am I doing something wrong?

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I will let our customer support know so that they will extend your Cam Unlimited plan prorated based on your current Cam Plus yearly plan. Once it’s done, I will let you know through email. Let me know if this works for you. Thanks for all your feedbacks!


Hi, kmurphy1, would you mind to submit a log and share the log with me so that I can take a look? Or submit a customer support ticket would work too! Let me know~


Wow that would be amazing. Thanks. I appreciate you!

I am very pleased with this response. Thank you once again @WyzeJxue