Cam Plus V's Cam Plus Unlimited

I’ve just upgraded to Cam Plus unlimited, and I thought it would replace my existing Cam Plus subscription (4 cameras), but now it seems I have two subscriptions. Surely one replaces the other, right?

You have to cancel the subscription you no longer want.


There aren’t any Wyze Subscriptions that replace an existing subscription. When you add a new one, it starts a new term initiated on the date of purchase. You can have many multiple instances of the same type of subscription all with different term dates. The only way to avoid a new subscription is when you add a cam to an existing subscription.

As @towelkingdom indicated, you will need to cancel the existing subscriptions you are no longer using. Just make sure you move your cams over to the Unlimited one first.

In related bad news… You won’t get any refund for the unused portion of the subscriptions you cancel. :disappointed:


Thanks. Happy to do that, except that none of my cameras are apparently available to move as they are already part of an existing subscription.

If I have to lose all my saved faces and current history I’d rather cancel the “upgrade” and leave things as they are.

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You have to remove the cameras from the existing subscription, and then they can be assigned to the new subscription.

I don’t know about it removing the history (I don’t think my history was removed when I switched subscriptions).


The saved faces should only be on Cam Protect subscriptions, not Cam Plus. I don’t have Friendly Faces on any of my cams and all are on Cam Plus Unlimited. Not really sure how those would fare in moving them.

@towelkingdom was quicker on the reply. Unassign from one subscription before assigning to a new one.

What history are you referring to? The events on that cam will only be deleted if you delete the cam. Unassigning and reassigning the subscription won’t delete the 14 day Event History.


Thanks for the help guys. That all worked OK, although my new subscription now says that it covers one camera at $9.99/mo., although the plan seems to have 4 cameras included and I paid just the one discounted price when I subscribed.

I also apparently have a Cam Plus Lite Monthly Plan which is “suggesting a monthly contribution” for Legacy cloud video storage and Person Detection for all eligible cameras, which I assumed was included in the upgraded subscription.

I took a look at my Unlimited subscription in the Wyze Services Website. I pay annually @ $99. The $9.99 is their monthly billing price per the FAQ. It does show “1 cam” but it is for 99.

If you take a look at your Services page from the Account button in the app, the Unlimited subscription listed will allow you to add cams until it’s maxed out at 99. It will only show the actual cams assigned though, not all the extra cam licenses open. it sounds like you have 4 cams assigned.

At the top of the Account Page, you should also see the number of available licenses listed.

The Cam Plus Lite subscription is also on my account from back when they initiated it a year ago. It is not an inclusion with Cam Plus Unlimited. It is a totally separate subscription. It will most likely just ride there unused until they discontinue the product. All the newly released cams after the V3 (V3Pro, PanV3, OG) are incompatible (ineligible) for CPL.

You would assign cams to CPL in the same way you assign them to CP. But, the only way to unassign them from CPL is to assign them directly to CP first. Without an open CP subscription, it is a nightmare to get them off of CPL.

The only use I have for it is to test cams on CPL when there is a firmware or functionality bug in a release. Since I have 99 CP licenses, I don’t use it on any of my cams. CPL is only 12s video and has a 5 minute cooldown lockout so it is a massive downgrade from the CP subscription service.

While they do suggest an amount to pay, users ultimately set their own price. If they enter $0.00 it is free. It is also an unlimited plan that can have as many cams as you like assigned.


I just purchased the cam plus unlimited annual plan but I am unable to see this plan in my Services. Could you please help? Thanks!


Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @qcluu! :raising_hand_man:

How did you purchase the subscription? From the in app store or from the Wyze Website Did you buy the subscription under the same email address as you use to login to your Wyze account?

I am having the same experience. My order history shows that I have made the purchase and the order for the service has been fulfilled.

Used the app to make the purchase, with the email that is connected to my Wyze account.

I must be missing some step, any suggestions?

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My app suddenly lost Cam Plus Unlimited plan and all cameras now disconnected. The unlimited plan setup is extremely buggy. Repeated reach outs to support with no proper fixing in sight.

I did this as well and had to chat with Wyze customer service to have them remove my individual cam plus accounts, because their system wouldn’t let me do it either. It took them a while but they did it