Added Camera to Cam Plus Lost All Events

I had one cam pan v3 and it was subscribed to cam plus for cloud storage. I love the camera so I got another on and it updated my subscription to the 2 camera cam plus subscription. It said it would refund me the remaining balance of my original 1 cam subscription and it seems just started a whole new subscription from scratch.

It erased all my events that my original camera had recorded and I only had events that had been recorded from todays date.

Did this happen to anyone else?

If this is normal they should definitely give a warning. I’m so glad I didn’t have anything important but others I’m sure would.

When adding a subscription, an entire new instance is created. There is no such thing as a 2 camera subscription, it’s really just 2 separate subs. Where did you see it said you will be refunded? Unless you cancelled your existing subscription and then purchased 2 more, it shouldn’t affect the existing one. Also, I don’t think it deletes existing events. Are you sure you don’t have any filters enabled in the app? Check the funnel icon in the upper right of the events tab, and then click clear filters.

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A couple questions for you…

  • When did you buy the original single cam subscription for Cam Plus (the one that got cancelled and you expected refund)?

  • Did you get the refund for the unused portion of your original Cam Plus Subscription?

  • How did you facilitate the addition of the new second cam to Cam Plus and cancel the original subscription? Was this thru the Wyze website?

Normally, when a cam is on Cam Plus and it is then moved to another service plan like Cam Plus Lite or to no subscription, the Video Events that were there while it was on Cam Plus remain there until they fall off the 14 day cliff and any new events are then shown as thumbnail snapshots with a 5m cooldown between.

The only time you will loose your 14 day video history for the cam is if you delete the cam from your app and then later reinstall it. Deleting it from the app is what deletes the 14 day video history.

I unassign my cams from Cam Plus and move them over to Cam Plus Lite or no subscription on a regular basis to perform technical testing. I have never lost the 14 day event history on a cam by changing it to a new subscription. I have also deleted and reinstalled cams. I loose the 14 day event video history every time.

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