Cam Plus Lite To Yearly Subscription

I’m contemplating purchasing a yearly subscription, but I have several cam plus accounts.

How do the accounts transfer over? (start dates etc)


The transfer isn’t automatic. You’ll have to unassign the cameras from one subscription then assign them to the new subscription, then cancel the unneeded subscriptions.

The new subscription is active right away, and from what I understand, there is no prorated refund for any unused portion of your old subscriptions.


My current subs are the basic thing you start out with.

One of them will be running out tomorrow.

Do I have to call in to tech support?

You will need to purchase the Cam Plus annual subscriptions first. I highly recommend buying them direct from Wyze at

If you buy them thru the app, they will be purchased from and managed by the Google Play App Store. There have been bad experiences by users when trying to manage subscriptions this way.

If you have more than 5 cams or plan to, I would suggest considering the Cam Plus Unlimited plan. At $99 for the annual plan, you can have up to 99 cams and the price is equivalent to a 5 cam license for standard Cam Plus.

Once you purchase the subscription license from Wyze, it should appear in your services tab. Use the Add Cams button in the new Cam Plus subscription to assign each of your cams over to Cam Plus. This will pull them off of the Cam Plus Lite Subscription. Once the Cam Plus Lite subscription is empty, you can cancel it in your account at


I hate to highjack this thread but…

I just purchased a unlimited plan, but I can’t find a “services” tab.

This has not been made easy to use, at all

In the Wyze App click on Account. Services should under the Account menu.


Thank you

I clicked “Add Cameras” but nothing was in the list.

Do I first delete the other plus accounts?

It just says “Other Cameras” in the popup below with nothing listed

I believe you have to unassigned your cameras from Cam Plus Lite then they should show up in your new Cam Plus.


That’s it!

Thank you :slight_smile:


If the cameras are already on a Cam Plus subscription, yes. They must be unchecked from the Add Cameras UI in that subscription first before they can be added to a different Cam Plus subscription. If, however, they are on a Cam Plus Lite subscription, they do not need to be unassigned first. In fact, there is no way to remove a cam from Cam Plus Lite without pulling it into a Cam Plus subscription.

By the title of the thread though, I thought you were going from Cam Plus Lite to Cam Plus.


Yea…I bought the unlimited plan.

While the software has a definite beta feel to it I really like the price point and concept to it.

It’s an investment in the future of the company :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help

Any idea about one of my cams (telephoto) not working in Firefox but working in Edge?

No. I only use Chrome on Android and only use Live Web View to test cams for functionality when an issue comes up. I do not find it useful and is much kess reliable and functional than the app.


Yea…there’s a few things they need to do with live view…like have a <back button and things

That’s what I meant by “beta” :slight_smile:

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Many agree. That is why I don’t find it useful. Limited functionality.