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I bought 2 cam plus subscriptions. I have the receipt. I could only use one, because at the time the outdoor cam wasn’t supported. Now it is, and I want to use the 2nd subscription for my outdoor cam, but the 2nd subscription is not appearing in my app. I’ve contacted support twice, and my issue wasn’t resolved. I find it ridiculous that you can’t fix this for me, Wyze. Your support has not been adequate.

Wyze Ticket 875088, 863696

I’m assuming you ordered two CamPlus subscriptions (one on Camera A and one on Camera B), and intended to move Camera B’s subscription to WCO Camera C when it was finally supported.

I don’t work for or represent Wyze (just an active forum member and customer with over 50 of their products), so perhaps one of them can confirm what I say here. Having said that, the following has always been my understanding:

EDIT: Others clarified below that you actually CAN move subscriptions around like is wanted by the OP. So take the rest of my comment with that in mind (or even skip it entirely now). So the following was my false misunderstanding before others graciously clarified:

The problem is that each CamPlus subscription is directly tied to a specific device. At the time you order the subscription it is tied to that device, particularly if you pay for a year upfront instead of monthly. I don’t believe you can pay for a year of CamPlus on Camera A, then the next day tell it to switch over to Camera B, and the next day to Camera C, or the next month, or keep rotating it around.

If you purchased 2 CamPlus subscriptions, you presumably ordered them for Camera A and Camera B. You are now asking to Move Camera B’s subscription over to WCO Camera C. It doesn’t work like that. You get to keep CamPlus on Camera A and B like you ordered them for.

If you got them as monthly subscriptions instead of the discounted yearly subscriptions, you can cancel the subscription for Camera B and start a new Subscription for WCO Camera C…but that is not exactly the same as transferring the subscription in technical practice. If you did it yearly, then the yearly subscription remains on the device you ordered it for.

So your primary official options are now the following:

  1. If you did the yearly option with a discount: Accept responsibility that you didn’t read the Terms or understand how the subscription is assigned for a particular device and couldn’t be transferred around at will. Leave CamPlus on Camera A and B like you originally ordered, and order a third subscription for WCO Camera C (consider telling Camera B not to renew CamPlus next year).
  2. Not get CamPlus on WCO Camera C because you only want 2 subscriptions. Maybe wait until 1 expires, and when it does you can cancel it and add the WCO Cam C to have it then.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions and see if there are any loopholes to use to convince Support to handle it for you.
  4. Not take responsibility, take some personal action, cancel your account, sell your devices, leave a bad review, complain a lot everywhere, (You might even catch their attention and get someone to intervene just to stop the negativity from affecting their business).
  5. Hope you can get support to make a special exception for you and your misunderstanding and manually change things anyway (cancel the subscription on Camera B, give you a prorated credit for unused time, add cam plus to Camera C and credit back the difference of the special you activated it for, and maybe manually change the expiration date to coincide with the first subscription). It happens sometimes. Wyze tries to be friends with customers, and your misunderstanding, while not their fault, is understandable and not an illogical nor unreasonable assumption that you made.
  6. If your subscriptions are all month to month, then just cancel the subscription on Camera B and add one to WCO Camera C.
  7. I don’t know for sure if you can cancel the yearly subscription version of CamPlus early and get a prorated refund, but if you can, then that is an option. Just cancel the subscription on Cam B, get the prorated refund, and simply subscribe to CamPlus on WCO Cam C. Problem solved (First get confirmation that they will refund unused months from the yearly subscription…because I would expect a company generally would not or there would be no reason for anyone to ever get the monthly option if you can just get refunded off the yearly one anyway).
  8. Some variation on or combination of the above.

I do hope you find a resolution that suits you. It is frustrating when such things happen, no matter where the responsibility ultimately lies…things weren’t made clear enough to you and now it’s frustrating. On the bright side, it’s not a huge costly mistake…I once misunderstood terms on something I signed up for and lost $1,000 over it! So believe me, I have been there…it sucks. Best of luck!

Where are you getting that info?
You don’t even have to own cameras to buy CamPlus subscriptions.
You can switch a subscription to any camera at any time.


It is one license per device but the license can be moved from device to device daily if you would like.

can you post a screenshot of what you see in the Cam Plus area of the app under services


Thanks & @WyzeJasonJ for the clarification! That is awesome news I didn’t know and am happy to hear.

That’s why I posted the disclaimer about my understanding beforehand and requested someone else clarify. I appreciate the chiming in. I have only ever had a CamPlus trial so far, and didn’t know it could be moved around to different cameras or I definitely would have done so. Hmm, something to remember for the future! (Added a bold edit to clarify what I said was not correct)


Also, I never assigned subscription 2 to a camera. I only had 2 cameras, one outdoor and one indoor.

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Can you tap on Cam Plus and show us what is on that screen?


Cameras are upgraded and so is my app.

@WyzeJasonJ may be able to get you some help.

Your phone needs to be charged. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not much I can do on this one, as far as I can tell only one license is showing. I will tag @WyzeGwendolyn and see if they can push this along and try to get it to the correct person to get resolved.

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That’s the help I was referring to.
@Adrienne’s ticket #s are in the original post.


It’s so frustrating. I attached my receipt to my last support ticket. The 2nd cam plus subscription disappeared from my app, and support hasn’t resolved it for me :confused: Thanks for the help.

I will do what I can, but I am just a user like you and I volunteer time to help out here.

Call support and try again.
If they don’t resolve it right away file a claim through your credit card.

Wyze Support:
Phone: (206) 339-9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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This has been resolved. Thanks for your help!


Check the Solution button :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine did it was on My bedroom cam & I moved to wyze cam outdoor. there was no problem at all

That’s awesome. I am now tempted to buy one while I have a discount code, then move it to my doorbell later when those are finally shipped.

I’m sorry and I’ll send this over to the team in case you haven’t heard back yet. Thanks for your patience and sorry for my delay!