Cam Plus on Shared Camera fail to assign


I have an account with several Cameras for my home and business.

I just created a new account for my business were I want to show only one of the cameras and so I shared it from my personal account and I subscribed to Cam Plus for this one camera in this new account. I also have this camera with Cam Plus on my personal account.

But on the app I cannot seem to assign it to the subscription.

on Services - CamPlus I can see the message “1 License available. Tap to assign”, and my camera shows as “UNASSIGNED” but with a check mark next to it. if I click on it the check mark disapears, and nothing else changes. If I unassign it from my main account, nothing changes on the business shared account either.

The main reason I need this is because I require to show this camera feed on the WEB (Live stream - Wyze) on a Windows Computer. But only for this camera as my employees will have access to this one camera only. And i also need it on my personal account feed.

any ideas?

Only the OWNER account of a camera can assign services to it at the moment. If you purchased the sub from the Wyze website you can get a prorated refund and subscribe on your main account, or you could delete the cam from your main account and set it back up on your new account.

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If the cam on your personal account already has CamPlus assigned, it shouldn’t need a second subscription once it is shared. A cam cannot have 2 subscriptions.

And, as @IEatBeans already stated, you can’t assign any subscription to a cam from an account where it is a shared cam. Only the original install account can assign a subscription.

Not sure if it matters to you, but I think there is a timeout on the web system which will disconnect you from the camera view.

Wow , I don´t understand why something so simple gets to be so complicated for wyze.

So, I can Share a camera but I cannot see it were I want it, great! Will this be possible after your beta test phase, or will this NEVER be an option for live view on a computer?

All I need is to view a camera from a computer in real time, almost all cameras allow this, seems the only solution is to use a different brand just for this camera?, I just can´t believe there is no solution from wyze.

if the concern is safety there at least should be an option from the main account as to what they allow… if someone does not want the live option for shared cameras, then they can disable it, but at least give us more choices regarding our cameras.


I don’t think so, webview can be pretty buggy at times, and it will kick you out occasionally if you minimize the tab it seems. Many users have run webview for a long time without ever getting kicked out, so if you are I think it’s a bug and not intentional.

yea but I don´t even get the choice to use the webview. Buggy or not.

Can you not login to the cameras main account, the one that has the camera installed on it(not the share) and view the camera with the camplus license attached on the webview?

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yes, I can view it from the main account on webview without trouble.

The issue is that I need to only show this camera on webview at a work computer on a Dental laboratory (to monitor the patients while taking an X-ray). but I do not want my employees to have access to all the other cameras on my Main account, since they are from other parts of the Business and from my Home.

I will delete the camera from my main account and share it to it instead of the other way… It is not optimal because now I will have limited access, but Wyze gives no other options. :sob: