CamPlus subscriptions

I purchased 2 certificates of Camplus one for each of my Wyze cams. I found that I can only assign the program to one of the cameras. Every time when I click the other camera the original assigned camera will be de-assigned.
Will appreciate any help on how to simultaneously assign 2 cameras since I have purchased 2 certificates

Does the app say you have two available? What type of cameras are they and what firmware versions (actual numbers please) are on each? Do either of them have the camplus trial in them perhaps? Screen shots of your services pages will help. Thanks!

Yes the app states that I have 2 certificates available. I have a Wyze V2 (Firmware firmware 4.9.71068 up-to-date) and a Wyze V3 (Firmware 4.36.319 up-to-date).

I am enclosing a screen shot.

Thanks again.

Chung Yuan Mui

I had the same problem. I contacted the service but it was just going round in circles. I sent a message to Gwendolyn and she fixed it. I bought my two licenses during a promotion. If you bought them at the regular price, you just have to cancel your licenses and buy two others. You will automatically receive a refund on your card for the remaining time. That should solve your problem. Anyway, for me, that’s what they did. I could have done it but I would have had to renew at the regular price.

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How do you send a message to Gwendolyn ? I bought my 2 certificates during a promotion.

I don’t know why but the tagging function doesn’t work anymore on my phone. I have sent her a message with messenger on Facebook. You will surely have a response from her tomorrow.

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Hello, @cymui! @gyzmo did successfully summon me. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I’m not actually the best person to work with here and you’ll need to contact Wyze Customer Support. I don’t have the system access required to look into these things. Sorry I’m not helpful on this one!

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