Cam Plus not showing devices

I have 4 cams and ordered 4 Cam Plus license. I have 1 license assigned, however the other 3 do not have the devices listed to assign.

Are the 3 cameras that aren’t showing up on a free trial, by chance?

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No, they are not, I only have the Monthly Plan listed

If the cams are correctly assigned to some other plan, like CamPlus Lite or a trial, you can’t assign them to the new CamPlus.

Without being able to see your services tab, some more questions are in order…

  1. Do you have HMS by chance (one cam will be assigned to this stand alone free license)

  2. On your Account>Services tab, under the CamPlus header, do you see your other 3 licenses as ‘unassigned’? What is there?

  3. On the CamPlus Lite header, is there anything there?

  4. On your Account>Services page on the Wyze Website, do you see that you currently have the 3 licenses in your CamPlus listing?

EDIT… We posted at the same time… See the pic. Thx.

When you click on the arrow for one of the unassigned licenses, does your available cam list appear?

Nope…none of thr other cameras appear. They are supported and have latest firmwar

Yep. See that. Anything on the CamPlus Lite header? Have you closed down and reopened the app since adding the licenses?

I have closed out of the app, even restarted phone.

Ok see that too. Not sure at this point why an installed cam that is showing on the home page, not assigned to another license, wouldn’t register as available to be assigned a license.

My next step would be to delete a cam and reinstall it, but you might want to wait a bit to see if other ideas come in. There are others here who are a lot smarter than me and may have had this issue.

What model cams are these?

Thanks for your help, I may try to delete a device and reinstall. I have 2 cam pan and 2 v3 cams

Removing and re adding a camera did not work

They are certainly making this difficult.

Last ditch hail mary pass: Clear your Cache from within the app then log out of the app (be sure you remember user\pass). Then long press the app icon from your tray or home screen, go to app info, Storage and Cache, then Clear the Cache there. Then restart phone, and log back into app.

Wyze has been making numerous changes to the Wyze app and cam firmware over the past few weeks. Need to make sure your Wyze app and cam firmware are up to date. Your Wyze app should be at version 2.29.2 (127). Not sure what cam types you have but you can check latest firmware version # here. Firmware updates appear at Wyze app Home > Account > Firmware Update. You can check your app version at Wyze app Home > Account > About.


Still no luck…app and firmware state up to datw

Did you purchase all 4 Cam Plus licenses at the same time?

Did you purchase via the Wyze website from a web browser or from within the Wyze app on a phone/tablet?


Yeah, so this is above my ability to dx. Possibly a new app glitch from the update???

I will defer to @Seapup and the @Mavens pros.

Thanks slabslayer for your help. Seapup…I did buy all 4 at thr same time and I think I did the purchase from the app


We’re going through the same routine as Wyze Customer Support would go through, but as a fellow user, I don’t have access to your account info… so bear with me. :grin:

What type of cams are each of the 4 and approximately when were they initially set up?

I have 2 pan cam v2 and 2 v2 cams…I have had all 4 for more than a year

When you previously removed and reinstalled some of your cams, did you hit the reset button when you re-added?