Camera not showing for cam plus

We are trying to sign cameras up for cam plus. When I go to the plan it only shows 2 of the 3 cameras available. The other camera is working. Navigating on Wyze app is terrible. Have submitted log, but no idea how to follow up on the log. Any help please?

Welcome to the forums! If situations like this, please be specific for better focused assistance. What kind of camera is missing from the list? What firmware version (please provide the actual number). What cameras are on the list? is there already a Camplus trial on this missing camera? Thanks in advance!

The email you received after submitting the log has the instructions on how to contact Support to continue assistance. Here are the instructions:

Here is the contact page for Support:

I did receive that email and it takes you to a page with options to click on but no way to get a hold of anyone for my specific problem. That’s what I am saying. It is terrible trying to navigate the site to figure out where to chat with a support personnel to fix my problem. I have to try to navigate and guess what options to pick. My camera is a Wyze cam v2 and the firmware is4.9.8.860

Also, I don’t have the cam plus on any of the cameras yet because I want to sign them all up

You can click on the “contact us” link at the top of the page, or click the Wyze teal floating icon at the bottom right of the page to enter the support question are thingy. Click on the applicable sections once in there and eventually it’ll give you the option to view the contact options if the support articles available don’t fix your issue.

I just went through that selection process using your issue info and got to a section where it allowed me to send a message, showed me the contact phone number and allowed me the option to start a support chat.

Hmmm, based on that camplus should be able to be placed on that cam. Can you post a screen shot of your Wyze services page from the app here?