I have Cam +, App tells me I don’t

I clearly have Cam + on both of my cameras. Both licenses are applied, and my monthly subscription renews tomorrow. My problem is I cannot enable any of the cam + features on either camera. When trying to slide on the feature, it takes me to the “choose a subscription” page. There are other areas in the app too that clearly state I do not have Cam +. Anyone else with similar problems?

You clearly showed you have it. Can you show a screenshot of where it is telling you you don’t have it or what features are not working?

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Did you ever figure a resolution to this? I get the same thing. I have 2 cameras on my camplus99 service, but when I try to enable the features (person/pet/package/vehicle detection) that require cam+ I get the same “sign up” page that is in the second post here.

I have the identical problem.

I do get motion detection, but no recording
I can’t enable Smart Detection (takes me to CamPlus signup page)
I can’t see my subscription at services.wyze.com

It looks like most here are on iOS, so not sure it applies since I am on Android.

But, whenever I have a cam not pulling it’s weight from it’s assigned license, I can usually get resolution by: unassign it from CP, go to Account → App Settings and clear the cache. Then log out, close app, long press Wyze Icon → App Info → Force Close.

Then open app, log back in, assign cam and test. If that doesn’t work, leave it assigned and try clearing the cache again. If that doesn’t work, I try to clear the OS app cache.

That isn’t guaranteeing any resolution… But it is worth a shot. I have 1 cam (WCPv1) that will not resolve even after all this. :rage:

I have read from other iOS users that the subscriptions they purchase in the iOS App Store will not show up on their Web Services account. It has something to do with the fact that Baron von Apple is subjugating all peasants to manage everything thru the nobility. :face_vomiting:


I don’t have notifications on yet, because I wanted to tune it before it spammed me, and when I went back in and checked a day or so later events were being tagged, so I checked the settings and all but Package was toggled in the smart detection, and I was able to toggle package and it didn’t take me to the signup page. I had removed and re-added things a few time earlier, so it could have been caching timing out, or something finally propagating? (on iOS)

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Thanks. Amazingly that worked.

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Great! :smiley:

For some reason known only to the internal Gremlins running around inside the app, the app operates off of ‘old’ info contained in the cache. When things get changed, the change goes to the cloud but doesn’t get 100% updated in the cache. So, clearing this forces the app to load brand new settings data from the cloud.

In the absence of a “Refresh Sync” button, this is the next best option to sync the cloud settings with the app.

Sometimes it takes time for the cache to get fully updated.

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