CamPlus subscription issues

I have four Wyze v2 cameras with CamPlus enabled on all four since 2020. This also shows up on my account page. However, when I try to update the smart detections, I get a pop up telling me I don’t have CamPlus enabled on this camera.

The CamPlus + sign shows up for all cameras on all other screens, but three of the four won’t allow me to update the smart detections. How do I get this fixed?

Clear the Cache on the app/ or maybe force close the app and open. Check your account > Services and make sure your cams are assigned. Remove and add app again?
I am using the iOS app 2.46.0 (6) and never had that issue.

I just had replace my router and modem. I have the cam pan camera’s with the cam plus subscription. I deleted both camera’s to start a fresh set up. The first camera started up fine with my cam plus subscription but my second camera did not have the cam plus. How do I fix this. TY

Open the WYZE app and tap account on the bottom right.
Go to services and tap the arrow.
Under Cam Plus look and see how many cameras you have a license for.
Tap each camera listed and make sure it has a green check mark next to it

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That worked! Wonderful. Thank you so much. Very much appreciated!

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You are welcome and I hope the Cam Plus is working good.

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