Cam Plus - bug and fix

If you’re thinking of upgrading to “Cam Plus” - be aware before purchasing. Check the forums and updates about the service.

It appears there is a bug that is not allowing “Cam Plus Unlimited” services to be assigned to more than 3 cameras.

Today (8/31/22) - I worked with a Wyze Expert to figure out what was going on. After about 45 minutes of working through sending log-files, factory re-setting a camera, re-adding the camera, verifying App version updates and then trying to assign licenses to additional cameras - the issue still persisted.

Based on the info I received this is being worked on - so hopefully it will be resolved quickly.

I’m using both V2 and V3 cams.

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Welcome to the User Community Forum @gerald1!

This is the first time I have read any posts about CP Unlimited restricting a user to 3 cams.

I have CP Unlimited and have 14 cams enrolled.

Please provide a link to the recent posts that you mentioned where this has been reported as a problem.

Also, please provide a description of the specific problems you are experiencing in getting your cams assigned to CP Unlimited.

Lastly, if any of your cams are currently assigned to a trial, they will not be available to assign to the CP Unlimited license until the trial expires.

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I assigned 10 cams to unlimited 2 days ago without issues.

Same here - first time I have heard about this. I have had about 30 cameras on CamPlus for about a year. Never had a problem with adding a camera, but it was mid June when the last one was added - so if this is something new, I might not have seen it…

Thanks for the email.

The issue was logged this morning while I was on Chat with a Wyze Expert. I only posted in the forum to make others aware of the issue. The Wyze Expert did notate to me that there is a “known issue” in assigning license to cameras.

The specific problem is that, when you choose the camera to add the license, and then click on the Manage Services – the only option that comes up is “unassigned” - there is not a listing of any other available cameras.

My cameras were on Cam Plus Lite – but I ended that service, so none of my cameras (with the exception of the 3 that the service allowed me to setup yesterday) have any means of checking them other than “live” view from the app. When I look at my cameras in the App – I see the “Cam Plus” button – and it says that it’s active, but I’m not allowed to add the license to the cameras.

Even when removing, factory re-setting, re-adding the camera – this still does not work.

The app is the most current version (Aug 22, 2022) – and I did check for additional updates but none were available. All camera firmware is also up to date.

My issue is being able to setup the cameras, not the use of the service once they are licensed and active.

Thank you,


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When I added the new service to my account, the app allowed me to add 3 cameras, but not more – even though I had 6 more that I should have been able to add.

Before I upgraded the service – I had Cam Plus Lite – which I cancelled. The app still will not allow me to add the license to the other cameras.

Hopefully this is something that will be remedied quickly.

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Of the 6 cams that cannot be assigned to a CP license, are these all the same model or a mix of V3 and V2?

Have you done a Cache clear, logout, force stop, and restart?

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the app?

What types of events are the 6 cams not assigned to CPU recording (thumbnail, 12s, full length)?

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Mixture of v2 and v3 cameras.

I have cleared cache, re-set, force stop and restart.

I have not uninstalled / re-installed the app – if I do that will I loose all my settings? I have other devices connected not just cameras.

Since I had to remove the Cam Plus Lite – the other cameras are not recording at all – nothing.

Not sure that it was posted – if I had seen it posted I would have waited to purchase the upgrade and avoided all the issues I’m having. It’s possible that it’s isolated to a small section of users / accounts.

You won’t loose anything, it’s all saved with your account. Just log back in when you reinstall and it will be the same as before.

Did you unassign the 3 cameras from Cam Plus Lite before you cancelled the Cam Plus Lite service?

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I don’t recall – I believe when I added the service when I selected the camera, it prompted me to Manage and add the license to the camera.

Thanks for the info on that. When I open the camera and try to manage services, the only thing that comes up for devices is “unavailable” and there is no option to scroll through a listing of cameras.

This is really becoming an issue as I’m not able to review any videos at all for several cameras.

Thanks for the note. I’ve done all the above as suggested, even had to delete and re-install cameras.

The units are set to record events - but I have no other options (just record the event).

I think what might be helpful is to have you post some screenshots of what you are seeing so we can see if there is anything that pops out.

I have read posts that describe a situation where CamPlus Lite Cams are not being released from CamPlus Lite if the CamPlus Lite subscription is cancelled before they are unassigned from CamPlus Lite. Did you unassign the cams prior to deleting the CamPlus Lite subscription?

You mentioned “Manage Services” button being pressed. I do not have this anywhere in my subscriptions tab. How did you purchase the CamPlus Lite and Unlimited Subscription? From or from the In App Store Tab?

Go to Accounts → Services.
Verify that in the CamPlus Pro header, there are no licenses or cams listed. Then do the same for CamPlus Lite:

As you can see, I have an active CamPlus Lite subscription, but there are no cams assigned to it.

Then go to the CamPlus header and verify that there is only one license listed in that section and it has 99 license seats. It should list in the license title how it was purchased (you can see mine says Wyze Website (Web))

It should have the cams listed that you have successfully assigned, then a bunch of Unassigned Licenses. Scroll all the way down to the bottom to make sure another license isn’t listed at the bottom. I have an additional license, but as you can see, there isn’t an cam assigned to it.

If you do have a cam assigned to another license in any of these areas, it might be what is preventing it from being assigned to Unlimited.

If none of your remaining installed but not yet assigned cams are listed under a different license, and they do not show in the list when you press the blue “Unassigned License” under the Unlimited license, you may have to have Customer Support release those cams from their previous CamPlus License. There was another user with a similar issue that called Customer Service to have their cams unbound and reset. I will look for that thread for you.

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Thanks for the update on this item.

In reviewing the information, I am a Home Monitoring Subscriber, which I don’t believe should impact my ability to have the Cam Plus license - I know that I will still only be allowed to see the 6 cameras in the Home Monitoring portion - per the info from Wyze.

The cameras were all in the “Free” version of Cam Plus when they were added, and prior to the Home Monitoring being added. Then when the “Cam Plus Lite” version was updated to a Pay version, they migrated and I had to update my services and pay for the licensing of Cam Plus Lite. At that time it was the original 6 cameras that were already setup.

I purchased the Cam Plus Unlimited via the website - and followed all prompts. I assigned 3 cameras, and then cancelled the Cam Plus Lite subscription. I did not realize that I had to “unassign” the cameras before removing the service. I don’t recall if there was a pop-up or message stating that I needed to unassign cameras prior to cancelling the service.

Here are the screen shots of what happens when I try to assign a camera from the App.

When I click on the + symbol to add the license, this is when the Manage Services button appears

I have 96 licenses available

The only item that appears in the Available Devices is “unassigned” - and there is no way to scroll to any of the other cameras that I have in my account.

Not sure if this helps. At this point in time I’m about ready to fully factory re-set the units that will not allow licensing, to see if that will work. I’d rather not have to do this as I have to delete all the cameras, take them down, re-flash them, re-add them and then hope by some slim chance that I’m able to add the license.

When I was working with the Wyze Expert, I did delete 1 camera and re-add, but the issue was still the same - it would not allow the license to be attached.


Make sure all cama are unassigned from other licenses, then they should show up for assigning to the new unlimited license. You may need to clear cache in account > app settings then force close the app.

I am also a HMS subscriber. It does not affect your ability to subscribe to CamPlus. I have the CamPlus Unlimited. The HMS subscription does come with one Free CamPlus subscription. That is the single “Bonus” subscription you see at the bottom of my licenses.

I believe only 5 cams are able to be integrated as security cams within the HMS, although this doesn’t give you much added functionality over CamPlus and has no affect on your ability to subscribe to CamPlus.

From your screenshot I see the HMS Bonus Free CamPlus subscription with one cam assigned. That Cottage cam will not show as available to be assigned to any other licence so long as it is bound to the bonus license… I also see the Unlimited license with the three cams assigned.

However I also see a third CamPlus license hanging out above the Unlimited license. If the cams you are trying to assign are assigned to that license, they are bound to it and will not show as available to assign to the Unlimited license until they are unassigned from the current license first.

If they are not on that license, it may indeed take a call to Customer Support to verify that your CamPlus Lite subscription has been cancelled and all cams released from that license.

For the removal from other licensing - I did not know that I had to do that before cancelling the service. I’m not able to see them assigned to anything at all.

For the app - Cache was cleared, the app was REMOVED - then re-installed - so it had a fresh cache.

Still not able to assign the other cameras on the account. Not sure how to “force re-set / remove license” for the cameras that are not showing as available.


If the cams are assigned to the license at the top of your CamPlus list, the one I marked in the screenshot, all that has to be done is to unassign them from that license before adding them to the unlimited.

However, if they are still stuck to the CamPlus Lite you cancelled, that is a glitch that only Customer Support can handle.