Cam Plus Unlimited only allows a single camera

I just purchased the Cam Plus Unlimited Monthly plan from the website yesterday and it would only allow me to add one camera to the plan. When I try to add more I get an error message telling me:
“An error occurred while assigning your camera(s) to your plan. Please retry or contact us for assistance.”
When I looked at the app on my phone it tells me the only service I have is a Cam Plus license for a single camera.
The website says I have the:
"Unlimited Cameras Monthly Plan

Web subscription for 99 cameras - renews Dec. 28, 2023

$9.99/month — bills on undefined ending in 1002"

yet it only allows me to add a single camera.

I contacted customer support chat and they just had me update my phone my app, log out and log back in and it accomplished nothing.

They then told me they were going to “convert our chat to email to escalate it”.

I asked about the response time with that and I was told 24 to 72 hours.

All 3 cameras are on the latest FW and my phone app is also the latest. My email is the same for the website and the app.
I have never subscribed to any other plan, so I don’t understand how the app thinks I only have the single license.
I’ve tried clearing the app data and even uninstalled the app but the website still only allows me to add a single camera.

The worst thing is, I just purchased (and received) 4 more cameras a week or so ago and now I am hesitant to install them since my first attempt to subscribe to the service that actually makes them useful, has been a complete failure.

I am very inclined to just return the new ones I bought and get my money back as this is a terrible first way to start a relationship.

How can it be this bad? Has this happened to anyone else?

Are the other cameras you are trying to add already on some form of CamPlus (for example a 14 day trial after new activation)?

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I have never subscribed to any other plan, so I don’t understand how the app thinks I only have the single license. I did a search through my email and looked at my Play store subscriptions to verify this.

A common reason for this is that people have their cameras assigned to Cam Plus Lite already. If you go into the account tab, then select services, then select cam plus light, you can unassign the cameras from CAM plus light then go back to cam plus and they will be available for that. That’s one of the most common things I see happen.

If that’s not the case here, then I would clear the cash from the app then go back in and see if that fixed it. It. I’ve seen that fix it before.

Another thing you can try, is to do it through the website instead of the app. I’ve heard of some people being able to do it that way when they couldn’t see it in the app.

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The same exact thing the original poster stated is happening to me, sent to now an email chat after a pointless 30min long conversation on the phone that accomplished nothing. For me my wyze app says single camera subscription only, however my web browser subscriptions tab says unlimited.

So I originally posted my issue to a reply on a similar thread and I believe one of the moderators helped get my issue resolved.

Magically my phone app is showing the correct Cam Plus Unlimited 0/99 cameras now. I am now able to add my 3 cameras.

Thank you moderators for your help!

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Are you able to assign the cams to the subscription thru the Services header in the Web Portal or does that result in a similar error?

Yes, everything is working as expected now.
I honestly believe it had something to do with them automatically enrolling me in a single camera Cam Plus trial.
The first email I got was the confirmation order of the Cam Plus Unlimited Monthly order for $9,99/month and the second email I got (with the same timestamp) said I was enrolled in the Cam Plus 30 day trial, but it made no mention of the “unlimited” and was phrased like it was for a single camera.
My phone app showed the single license and the Web app showed the unlimited but would not let me assign Cam Plus to more than one camera.
I never asked for a trial version though so I don’t know how it showed up on my account.
If the 1st level support person would have had access to the account info they could have seen and deleted the offending trial license and this fiasco could have been avoided.

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