Can not add cameras to cam plus unlimited

It appears that Unlimited does not mean unlimited. I have about 40. Some odd cameras and devices on the camplus and when I went to add the new camera that I got today, I get an error saying that I don’t have enough services to add camera to the Unlimited. I talked to tech support and they gave me the usual run around about logging out and logging in reinstalling the software doing all that kind of stuff I did send them s log and they told me “OK we’re closing the case and it’s gonna go to development”. Is anybody else having problems adding a large number of items to the Unlimited camplus it appears that Unlimited does not mean Unlimited.

It’s amazing how next week they’re gonna introduce a whole bunch of new stuff when they’re old stuff doesn’t work.

I currently have 58 cams assigned to Cam Plus Unlimited.

Your screen capture shows no available licenses on the “unlimited” plan (which is actually 99 cameras). Mine shows that I have 63 available licenses. I also see that your page was still loading when you took the screen capture…

When you added your new camera to your devices, did you also add the trial license? This is done automatically or prompted to do so. If you added the Camera to a Trial License, it will be on the trial for 14 days before you can add it to one of your licenses.

To see if you have Cam Plus on it, go to the Device and look in the headerto see if it shows a Cam Plus logo in color. Or you can go into the Settings area and see if the word Plus is to the Left of Notifications and/or Event Recording.

No, I did not add the free trial. All I did was install the camera which went normally and then when I went into services to add it I clicked the checkbox hit, closed the screen flash several times I saw that red error message that you see in the image, the screen flash several times, and when I went back into the ad to see if it actually got added, there were Dell four or five cameras that I could not add so I check the boxes and all of those and when I submitted it again, the screen flashed and it could not add them so the free trial has nothing to do with us at all

Not sure what you mean by this, I am sure Dell is not what is meant because the Wyze App will not load other cameras but Wyze.

Can you take a screen shot of the Main Live Feed Screen on the camera you want to add, and the Settings Page?

With that said, I would go to Account > App Setting> Clear Cache

Note: Clearing Cache will remove the Live Stream Thumbnails on your cameras, They will come back when you live stream again.

Then I would logout (Make sure you know your Password and 2FA), restart your iOS device and then log back on. See if you can add the camera to Cam Plus Again.

If it still cannot be added, I would remove the Camera and try again.

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Dell is Siri horrible speech to text translations

Although I have already done everything you’ve asked, I thought you were so nice that I would go ahead and do it again and of course it doesn’t work.

I think we’re missing the point here. It is not the new camera that is causing the problem it is the fact that I have multiple cameras now that cannot be added because it’s saying that I don’t have enough instances to add these items.

If you look at the screenshot, you will see all of these items that cannot be added. The new camera is nowhere on this list now because somewhere along the line, it got added, but then dumped another camera out of position.

Before I started down this road, all of these cameras, you see were just perfectly fat dumb and happy assigned to my Unlimited license

It does not matter whether I check one box 2 boxes are all the boxes when I hit the button to submit these that’s when the screen cycles a couple times and I get that red error message that is up in the other image.

The problem is not on my end. The problem is on their end. Their system does not think I have enough instances to add cameras when I’m way under 99.

The focus is not on one camera that I’m trying to add. The focus is on the Unlimited service not being unlimited.

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I am having precisely same issue. Have you resolved it? My issue started a few days ago so I suspect whatever change made to the system is affecting others.

Is it weird there’s not a direct way to submit a trouble ticket to Wyze? I liked the chat assistant but it could not help with this.

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I can confirm issues with CamPlus Unlimited (99 licenses). My unassigned license count keeps jumping around from 25 to 53 (I’ve only assigned 16.) I posted on other topics here about the issue. Seems to be a backend thing since I downgraded my iPad/iPhone to an earlier version of the app, but the problem persists.

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I have sent this issue up to the team to be looked at. I am sorry this is happening and will let you know what I find out.


Also able to reproduce issue (iOS only) resulting in various error messages and codes:

Will try to get some debug logs out later today.

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Can anyone experiencing this issue please send in a log and give me the log number?

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My biggest issue with sending logs is that app freezes or hangs for a very long, long time once error is encountered. But will try to generate something now…

iOS app 2.38.4 (3)
Log product family: Wyze App & Services
Issue Category: Crash
Log Details: This is a dev log submission for WyzeJasonJ. No Wyze Customer Support action is necessary.

Log ID: 895885

Let me know if you need different family/category for logs.


Submitted log: 95901
App version: iOS 2.38.2 (1) beta


I’m also having this issue. Just started recently. Like the last week or so. The system hangs when you push the “close” button, then comes up the error message. No cameras can be added. Cameras can be subtracted though, so anyone doing that, don’t do that. They can’t be added again.

I’ve no idea how to send a log, or I would. Sorry. I visited the website and could find no place in my account options to add or subtract licenses, which in my opinion was kind of a lackluster move on Wyze’s part. The app is still buggy in some areas. It’d be nice to have an option for when these things don’t work on the app. I’d think the website would be the place to host most of the “power options” for users. Instead it looks like some options are on the website, and some are on the app. No real rhyme or reason.

Thanks for listening to my rant!


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The customer service here has been a nightmare. I told him specifically not to delete my Unlimited and reinstall it but they went ahead and did it anyway give me some small credit but then charge me another $99 without my permission then I had to try an experiment where I bought a one month unlimited I was able to at least get my important cameras back up on that subscription but when I try to talk to them about getting a credit, I just get the same boiler plate messages that you always get because they’re not technicians you’re talking to they’re just customer service people with Scripps and they push F3 to tell you to log off login delete the software over and over and over again. I’ve been with WYZE since the beginning and I am just about at my wits end when I go, I’m gonna take all my clients with me.

Error when adding to Cam Plus Unlimited

I have a Cam Plus Unlimited subscription. As of yesterday, when I attempt to add new cameras to my Cam Plus Unlimited subscription using my iPhone (Latest iOS, latest app), the app starts to flip out, and I get repeated “Unknown Error Code: 1000” across the top of the screen.

It does eventually seem to add the selected cameras to Cam Plus, but the error code is annoying and unsettling.

This happened when attempting to add a replacement V3 Pro yesterday, as well as when I set up my new Cam Pan V3 today.

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Likely related to the published service outage yesterday.

Apparently not due to the outage…I’m currently having the same problem:

I’m having same issue as well with my pan v3. Plus no settings are sticking. I click do not notify me for vehicles. 20 min later I’m getting notification for vehicles and the setting is back on. Wyze always breaks [stuff] with updates.

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