Cam Plus Unlimited with V3 Pro

I just bought two V3 Pro, but I can’t seem to add one of my Cam Plus Unlimited licenses to them. Is there a restriction???

Is there a cam plus trial on the new v3pros? If so you’ll need to wait till the trial is over before you add it to your unlimited plan.


Also, if the trial ends you have to remove the cam from the expired trial

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Interesting. Just got two v3Pro’s and installed them. Didn’t get any message about a free license trial license for Cam Plus like I normally do. However I added them to my Cam Plus Unlimited and they are working great.
I have a different issue, the new Event Report message keeps popping up and tells me to subscribe to Cam Plus to get the feature. It brings me to the screen that shows my Cam Plus Annual plan and my 12 cameras. Maybe my app thinks I don’t have Cam Plus??
Good luck in finding the cause on this one.

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Try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, then sign out and back into the app. Sometimes when editing subscription related things the app gets out of sync with the server, and that process helps get everything up to date.