How to add more cam plus licenses

I have 5(?!) cameras now and want to add more to a cam plus subscription. I went to the site to buy a new cam plus license to add another camera to it but it won’t let me buy a license, saying I have one already. What’s up with that? How do i get more license slots?


I have 1 annual from the HMS and 1 annual from cam3 purchase as well so 2 cameras subscribed.

Ah, so i was trying via the web page. Looks like I dose work to more cam-plus via the app, Services - Cam Plus - Subscribe Now button.

I was going to ask a question, but I think your question answered mine.
I have 6 cams and only want 3 with Cam Plus, is that possible? It sounded like of your 5 cams, you only had a few with Cam Plus, correct? Thank you in advance.

I got a few months free trial when buying some and when that expires they unenroll.
In the app you can edit which camera are using Plus. Not sure how to cancel a subscription though.
How many subscribers do you have?

Thank you. I’ll have to review the app and see if I can add Cam Plus to the ones I want.
I did find a way to edit the number of cam plus subscription online.

The weird part is the web site and the app tell me different things.
Wen says I have one annual and the app says 2 annual and one monthly.

I think one annual is from the home monitoring system subscription. The month sun could be a trial but those used to be labeled trial…