How to add new cam plus to new camera with existing service on another camera

I already have one camera on the cam plus plan. I want to add another cam plus plan to a new camera, When I go to add this service, I select ONE subscription. It says I already have one. If I change it to TWO subscriptions the price doubles and I do not want to extend the first subscription at this point. How do I ADD a NEW subscription to my account. Just ONE.

Go to o /Navigate /CamPlus (log in)/Subscribe/Add New Subscription (lower right). That should tell you how many active subscriptions you have and when you click the Add New Subscription button give you the option of adding more.

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The problem is, once you do that, it prompts you to add a camplus subscription, at which point, it tells you “you already have a subscription”.

You can change the number of cameras for your subscription, but it’s all combined into one price. So if you have 2 cameras ($30 for a yearly) and add two more, it now becomes $60.

I understand the desire to have everything on one subscription, but this adds confusion. Are my added cameras prorated? Am I losing time I already paid for just to add a couple cameras?

If you want to add a camera with a promo code, it tells you that your current subscription will be cancelled, you’ll be reimbursed for time remaining and then a new subscription will be created.

So, am I to believe that, “to be safe”, every time I want to add a camera to my subscription, I need to cancel my subscription, be reimbursed, and create a whole new subscription?

That just seems too much, when I am sure there has to be a simpler solution.

This is EXACTLY what I am experiencing. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps an admin can give some direction. I’m okay with paying $30 for two cameras, but I want to know what will happen with the 7 months remaining on my current subscription.

Thank you. This is what I have done with the result of not being able to “add” a subscription but to start TWO new subscriptions. What happens to my subscription with 7 months remaining?

From another thread I’ve seen a Wyze employee say that the existing subscriptions are pro-rated.
This saves Wyze from multiple credit card charges in the future.
It does very little for the customer.
Next year all of your charges will come as one payment. So, if you have 10 subscriptions spread out over the year, next year you will have one $150 charge.

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Thanks for contributing to the puzzle. Hopi g to hear from a customer service rep.

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The thread I linked below has a response from Wyze about the pro-rating, if you have further questions you may want to ask them in that thread since Wyze does not actively monitor everything here, it is mainly user to user.

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If you add a new subscription, e.g you already have 1, now, change the quantity to 2. The new subscription will be pro-rated to match the shorter duration.

You can see these from the billing statement right after making the changes. We apologize for the confusing UX, we are working on them, but they all take time to iron out.

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sorry to be so long getting back. I did not take it all the way down to that point, since I wasn’t actually wanting to go thru with a purchase. I went back and now see what you mean - sorry for the incomplete info.
I see that the question has since been well answered.

Thank you so much. It will be interesting to see if I get the monthly rate or truly an annual rate prorated. I guess I won’t know until I commit to the sale.

So, here is the answer. I marked 2 subscriptions on the order form. Initial charge was 29.98. When I clicked through, it prorated the second subscription to 7 months at $1.25 per month to bring it along with my first subscription that was 5 months old. Total charge to add the second subscription was $8.75 for 7 months.

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