How to add existing cameras to new cam plus unlimited subscription

I ordered Cam Plus unlimited for a year. I have several cameras already in use, and I have 4 floodlights to go on new house when finished. How do I add the old cameras to cam plus? If I go to web app, cam plus subscription, it has a place to add cameras, but if I click, it says no cameras and it jumps to a order cameras screen. If I click the cam plus lite, it doesn’t show the cameras that are already on it and jumps to order camera. I can’t find any way on the phone app to do this, or any way to add the existing cameras to the web app. There were no instructions sent when I ordered the cam plus unlimited subscription. This is a real pain and poorly thought out.

Are the existing cameras on any form of CamPlus? You mentioned CamPlus lite, but not CamPlus.

One is on cam plus lite. It’s like my phone app doesn’t know I have Cam Plus Unlimited

On phone app, if i go to account/services it just shows try cam plus under cam plus, but under cam plus lite, it shows the one camera.

Are you sure that the CamPlus Unlimited and your cameras are under the same account? If you log onto your Wyze account from a PC, do you see the CamPlus Unlimited under My Account > Services?

Oh cr***P, no, they apparently are not. I had the phone app on one acct and must have ordered on another. Wonder if that can be fixed or if I have to add cameras to the one with the CAM PLUS unlimited

Most likely the easiest fix is to re-do the setup of the cameras onto the same account that has the CamPlus Unlimited. After the cameras are moved, you should be able to add the cameras to the CamPlus Unlimited. After that, I would functionally abandon the other account to avoid any future confusion (delete it if you can). Note, that any rules and old online videos that you had will be lost when you move the cameras to a different account. As far as know, uSD card recordings will not be affected.

Just a follow up. As we determined, i managed to order the cam plus unlimited using the wrong email address, so no cameras were visible. I contacted Wyze support and they were extremely helpful. THey moved the Cam Plus Unlimited to my correct email address, which made my existing cameras visible and easy to add to the CamPlus Unlimited license. Thank you, Wyze support!

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