How to add 2 new cameras to my existing Cam Plus Lite Subscription

I recently installed two new cameras and I already have Cam Plus Lite, and I am having trouble adding the two outdoor wireless cameras to my current subscription. I almost cancelled the current one to later get it again, but I figured I ask in the community first before doing it my easy way.

Did the two new cams come with a free 14 day trial of CamPlus?


Yes and I did get an email either the same day I installed the cameras or the next day about inviting me to add the two to CamPlus

Not sure if you are still having an issue assigning the cams to your existing CPL license…

But, cams can only be on one license at a time. If they were assigned to the free 14 day trial upon install, they won’t show as available to assign in CPL until it expires. It is difficult to get them off of that trial to switch them over to a lower subscription (CP Trial :arrow_right: CPL).

It is best to let them expire and then assign the cam to CPL.


I am having a similar issue. I have 5 v2 cams. I have had name your price/CamPlusLite for years now on all 5. I got a new router a couple of weeks ago and for some reason I had to reset 2 of the cams. Unfortunately it took me to the CamPlus Trial. I couldn’t switch them to the CamPlusLite. The trial ended yesterday. Today one of the cams was on the CamPlusLite List but the other wasn’t so I was able to add it. Tonight I noticed that one of those cams isn’t taking video but has the picture icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, see attachment. Also when I go to play that video it won’t and opens up a screen trying to get me to sign up for the trial. I have also attached this cams notifications and it won’t let me choose “person” and says PLUS at the top. This is the cam I had to add to CamPlusLite. The 2nd cam that I had to do the trial with got added to CamPlusLite and seems to be working ok, but in the top of the notification screen it also says PLUS and I noticed it is do 21second video. But “person” was already enabled in the notification for this cam also.

Please see my similar issue as this poster. Thank you

When you get that pop up on the left of the event video it means snapshot . No subscription on that camera

Assign the license to it

I am not sure if this is what you mean? I added it this morning. The FrntKtchn cam. If this is not what you mean, please tell me how to do it.

Weird , when I don’t have a subscription to a camera i only get a Snapshot

Try unassigning the lite license from the camera and back and hopefully it’ll record a 12 sec video and you can watch it

Do you mean delete the camera and re-add it? I am not sure how to unassigned it. It lets me add a camera, which is what I did to get it on the CPL, but does seem to let me remove one. I will try in the morning, need to go to bed. But I will keep you posted once I figure it out. Thx

No , don’t delete the camera

In account > services you’ll see in the cam plus lite section where all of your cameras have lite licenses assigned to them

The cameras that don’t record the 12 second clips , remove the license and then assign it back . Maybe that might help

The pop-up and the thumbnail snapshot image with the icon is because the cam has not yet been synced with the new subscription data from the app and the cloud. Many times, when a cam changes from CP to CPL the app does not update the cache in real time and therefore the three points in the data triangle aren’t completely in sync.

Sometimes it requires some help from you to force the app to draw new data from the cloud.

When this happens, my first step would be to run thru a cache clear:

  1. Account → App Settings → Clear Cache
  2. Account → App Settings → Sign Out
  3. Close App
  4. Force Close App from OS
  5. Reopen app
  6. Sign in
  7. Test cams to check video length.

If this is not successful, you can also clear the OS cache after the Force Stop.

A more drastic measure is to delete the cam and reinstall, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

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Ok I have followed your instruction, restarted phone. My 1st cam that went to the trial is looking fine and doing 12s recordings. But it was automatically added back into the CPL after the trial was over. The 2nd cam was not. FrntKitchen. But it let me add a cam with the + sign. Despite following your steps cam 2 won’t take pictures now, but it does record the live view. I did your steps after noticing this and the same thing. Also the notification screen still won’t let me choose PERSON, but the PLUS is gone from the top. Question: (If this is not successful, you can also clear the OS cache after the Force Stop.) I have a Samsung S21+ and cant figure out how to do this. Getting older, thanks for your help and patience.

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Havent’ figures out how to unassign a camera. SlabSlayer below is also trying to help. Thank you

What if the Wyze Android app no longer allows me to modify the cameras assigned to the Cam Plus Lite subscription? The Cam Plus Lite page no longer shows the Add Cameras option, and I can no longer remove cameras from the plan. Is this a known issue?

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Mine is showing the exact thing as well now. I was able to add a pre existing cam back on after it made me do a trial. But now having issues with that cam after the trial.

I found that under notifications/smart detection it won’t let me choose Person Detection. Is that why it is not working correctly?

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Sorry for the delay. I have been busy w clients most of the day and unable to post in.

With what I have read above, there is some information that needs some clarification so I make sure I am not confused.

Please confirm these cams are Wyze Cam V2. Post the firmware version on each of these cams please. There may be an issue with the version you are running.

1st Cam, has been successfully assigned to CamPlus Lite (CPL) and is recording 12s video as it is supposed to.

2nd Cam, Cam #2, is now successfully assigned to CPL.

It is my understanding from previous Wyze posts that the user option to take still thumbnail snapshots vs 12s videos had been removed to mitigate confusion as to what plan level a user had. It is my understanding now that all cams (except the doorbells) on No Subscription get still image thumbnail snapshots (signified by the mountain\sun icon); all CPL cams get 12s video signified by the thumbnail snapshot in the Event list, no icon on the thumbnail, and no video length time listed (like all those in your screenshot above); CP cams get full length video events which will show the video length time up to 5m.

So, if Cam #1 and Cam#2 are both recording 12s video on CPL, it appears they are capturing video as they should.

Yes. Unless you have Video recording, it will not do person detection or notifications for those. But I am concerned that it is even giving you the options for video vs image. It was my understanding those were removed.

Please verify the App version you are working with.

For Android, with the Wyze app closed, long press the Wyze Icon → App Info → Storage & Cache → Clear Cache.

But, I don’t think that is necessary here until we verify that you have the most up to date app and firmware.

The Add Button will disappear when there are no longer any available cams (only those to which there is no current license applied AND that are compatible with CPL) to apply to CPL. Only cams that have no license applied can show as available to assign in CPL.

If a cam is assigned to CamPlus or CamPlus Pro, it is NOT available for assignment to CamPlus Lite. The app knows this so it doesn’t even give you the option to downgrade a cam.

Cams must be manually Unassigned from CP or CPP before they can be available to assigned to CPL.

This is NOT the case for unassigned CamPlus licenses you have purchased. Active Unassigned CamPlus licenses WILL show CPL assigned cams as available to ‘move’ over and assign under CP. So it will let you directly upgrade a cam, but not downgrade.

Yes, I believe it is. There are topics I have read in the past of users not being able to downgrade CPL cams to Unassigned (No License) manually from the CPL list. I haven’t been following that closely though because I have never had to do that.

I just moved one of my CP cams to CPL. I am able to unassign the cam from CP rendering it a No License cam. I can then add it to CPL using the add button (which then disappears since this is my only unassigned cam).

But, I cannot move it back to Unassigned from the CPL license. The option does not exist. Since I am on the most up to date app and FW, this tells me the issue still exists.

If you have any CP licenses, this isn’t a real problem though as you can play the shell game with just one CP license since it is capable of pulling a cam off of CPL and then moving it to Unassigned.

  1. Unassign current CP cam to open license
  2. Assign CPL cam to that CP license
  3. Unassign that cam from CP
  4. Rinse and repeat until all cams are off of CPL.

Yes, these are Wyze V2 cams. All 5 have been on Name your Price/CPL for almost 2 yrs now about. I have attached screen shots of App version and firmware which is the same on all 5 cams. Yes, Cam #2 (frntkitchen) still has thumbnail snapshots vs video. With my CPL the only time I see 12s listed is when I go to view a video. Cam #2 (frntKitchen) is NOT recording video. Again let me clarify. I have never seen these snapshot icons ever until yesterday on the one camera that is giving me issues. I also on that cam cannot select Person Detection under notifications. Note on the attached screenshot that has Smart Detection at the top. It won’t’ let me select Person Detection because recording type isn’t set to video. How did that happen? How do I set it to video? As another poster stated. I cannot unassign my cameras either. Again, I never had these issues until I got new modem and had to add these 2 cams to CP trial. Again, trial ended 2 days ago. I did a chat and they couldn’t figure it out and had me send in a report id to Wyze. Hope I made sense, I am getting older and get more confused but think I am able to follow what is going on. I hope my camera isn’t rendered useless in using my CPL now

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