New cameras (reassigned) not being registered with Cam Plus

On the annual Cam Plus Unlimited plan. I recently took some cameras down and moved them somewhere else. When I add the cameras back to my Android Wyze app, I am prompted to pay for the Cam Plus service again. If I am already on the Unlimited Annual plan, why am I being prompted to pay again? And what is the fix for this?

Did you delete the cameras? If so, you just need to add them back to CamPlus. Check the camera assignments in the CamPlus section of the app and add them back if missing.

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If you delete a cam, then reinstall it, the app should recognize that you have available cam licenses on your Unlimited subscription and ask you to “attach” the cam to “your single camera plan”.

The popup I get every time I install a new cam looks like this. Clicking “Activate Now” assigns the cam to a license under my existing Cam Plus Unlimited subscription automatically.

Thanks for the responses. I am not getting the same options you are. The cameras I want to assign to the Cam Plus portion are not populating to the Cam Plus available cameras.

Edit: After checking the cameras that are active on my app, there are many missing. WTF. Not sure what happened there. They were working yesterday. I will add them back tomorrow and check back in. Seriously, how do three properly running cameras go down???

@How2 , If you have not already, can you provide the following so Wyze has something to look into?

  • Android App Version
  • Affected Camera Models
  • Create a Log, found under the Account / Wyze Support menu
  • Go to a Device which was removed or missing from Cam Plus and provide a device log located under Setting / Wyze Support
  • If you contacted Wyze, provide the Ticket you may have gotten.

I know Wyze is looking into these reports and the information would assist in getting this resolved.

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