…Update to CamPlus to record more than 12s

Why am I being prompted on my iPad to upgrade to CamPlus, when all of my cameras are already signed up for CamPlus?

I also received a recent email saying I can get a free mont of Cam Plus on Wyze!?!?…


[Mod Edit] Redemption code has been removed from screenshot.

It appears that you didn’t apply a paid license to the cam in your 1st screenshot. If you go to Wyze app Home > Account > Services > Cam Plus… do you see that cam listed under Active Paid Licenses? Please screenshot the page.

Hello Seapup,

I’ve 15 cameras, all 15 have licenses applied as far as I can tell. Screen shots follow, let me know if you need any further info:


I’m having the same issues. Seems wyze can’t do anything but release half baked(as in stoned) concepts, but never fully get it right.
I’m being prompted to add cam plus to a camera already paid for, and it causes missed events.