CamPlus does not recognize that I have a camera - cannot get the 1yr CAMPLUS service that I already paid for

After paying for 1 year of Cam PLUS, I go to set up in my app, and I’m told that “NO AVAILABLE CAMERAS”. YOU NEED A CAMERA TO USE CAM PLUS"



Maybe your V3 is working on the trial version of cam plus. Did you go to your account, look under services, cam plus and see what it says. It took me 8 days to get my V3 off the trial and on to the paid version. If your V3 is on the trial version it will not show up on the list of available devices.Do you have the paid license and is it activated?

So how do you change it from trial mode to paid mode? I’m having the same issue of it not recognizing the camera.

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I will tell you how it is supposed to work but I had to get help from support via chat and email.
On the app. go to your account>services>camplus. If you are on the trial version as show on the first picture, click edit, on the next page uncheck the green box for trial in second picture. That *“should” make the cam available for the license and put in the list of available devices… Did you get an email with a code to redeem your paid license and did you. If you did your account will say you have one available license as shown in third photo.

I did all of that but now the trial has run out so its not even an option to switch it off. I’ve restarted and uploaded etc, I emailed them hoping they’ll get back to me shortly.
Thank you for the try!

If you have the time try chat with them or if not call them 206-339-9646. Even after I did that it took about 2 days to fix it. Like trying to pull the teeth out of a gator’s mouth, Ugh!!!

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How did you purchase the subscription?
Did you use the same email as your Wyze account?
Try assigning the Cam Plus subscription to the camera in it’s your wyze account).

I used the same email as my account and I bought it thru the website ? I’m not sure if that’s what you were asking but I have all but uninstalled and reinstall it …

Definitely see what support says. I’d suggest calling.
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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My New Cam Plus 1 Year Subscription Won’t Activate Because The App Won’t Recognize Or Acknowledge That I Already Have A Cam V3 Installed, So It Won’t Give Me The Cam Plus Serice That I Already Paid For… Wtf???

Are you having trouble setting up the camera in app, so you tie Cam Plus to it? or is the camera setup and not letting you tie Cam Plus to it?

Is the v3 still or was it ever on a trial of camplus? What firmware is on the camera? Does your app show that there is a subscription available?

The original poster also posted the same here.\

It says I have one active subscription available ( i did have the trial) but I click on it to add and it says I have no camera available and sends me to the shop to buy one. I’m just going to try and call them today. Ive tried everything that has been suggested…thank you guys again!


And magically this morning it decided to let me apply my license to the camera! So maybe its a delay that happens when you sign up.

Third try, are you on the CamPlus trial?

And this morning I got this email. My V3 has been on the paid version of Cam Plus for the last 9 days.:astonished:

The person that gave the advice about unchecking the box for the CAMPLUS TRIAL version was correct. The only way to activate a paid CAMPLUS subscription is to uncheck the box for the TRIAL version. This essentially delists and cancels your trial version. Then, you can go back to the screen that says you have a paid version pending, and activate it. Why the heck WYZE doesn’t include these sorts of comments/directions in their code, is beyond me. Just think how much money in terms of labor for their tech support people they’d be saving!!!

That’s why we’ve been asking if you were on the trial.

And one more thing! Since I am a paying customer of WYZE, why do I have to put up with the immature and neophyte programmer code that they throw at us? In the Seattle area there is a great pool of professional code writers that won’t constantly disappoint you! They can be had for the right price!! $$$. My son is one of them… he wrote most of the code for Alexa and the motor vehicle auto-driving software. Wyze needs to grow up…