Cam Plus Question

We are combining bills for a couple of reasons -

  1. You don’t get too many one small bills, imagine you have 5 licenses…
  2. to reduce the credit transaction fee, so that we can offer the service at the lowest possible price.

When combining bills, your bill will also adjust to match the same bill date. ( e.g. the later license will be renewed at a prorated price ). If you want to double check, you can DM me your wyze account, and I can help you check to be sure.


Ah, that makes sense. So if I buy my first CAM Plus one year subscription today, then go 11 months before I buy another one year subscription, I’ll just be billed for 1 month on that second subscription even though I bought an annual subscription.

Then during my annual renewal (one year from my initial CAM plus subscription), I will pay for two 1-year subscriptions.

Thank you for the clarification and good to know.

It looks like the black Friday deal is being handled a bit differently?

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Very very good information to know. Thank you for the clarification @WyzeDongsheng.

I’m going to tag some information experts in this just so if this question comes up again we can reference this post. @Mods. And of course @Mavens


the combining bill was done on a plan level. E.g you have 3 licenses of an annual plan, it will combine the billing. But if you have 2 licenses of an annual plan, and 1 license of the monthly plan, it will not combine.
The black Friday plan was a unique promotion plan, so it was set up as a separate plan, therefore, not combine bills with a regular annual plans.


Thank you, sorry for not sharing this earlier and causing some confusion.


Why would you combine a plan when bought months apart? In my case, 2 months apart. What if 6 months, 10 months etc. ?

@WyzeDongsheng, if I added an additional plan and charge me for the remaining of the original plan, then I would understand. But charging me a full amount for the remainder of the original renewal date, that doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks a lot for responding, by the way, my apology.

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can you DM me your wyze account ? and I can look at the specific to see if there is any issues.


This clears things up a bit !
I was wondering why, I didn’t have it on both cams !

Now with all the deal pricing ? I shud have waited ! :cry:

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Happy to help and have a great day. I know what you mean when you say should have waited. Hindsight is always 20/20. :slight_smile:

@WyzeDongSheng, I’ve cancelled my subscription and re-subscribe. That’s the best thing the product specialist can advise me. I’m not impressed though.

You say E.g you have 3 licenses of an annual plan, it will combine the billing. That’s pretty obvious if you bought them at the same time. If you bought an additional plan months after the first plan and consolidate it in one renewal date then that’s not ok. Ok if the additional plan is being charged on the remaining months of the first plan. Anyway, I’m just bringing this up so others can learn. In case they encounter the same situation.


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I think we’re on the same page. I currently have 6 subscriptions since early October but have a total of 18 wyze cams (7 are the new v3’s and 2 are the Outdoors) and was waiting for the v3’s to arrive. When I went to add subscriptions it appears these will expire in October, effectively losing two months and I can find nothing on it prorating the price down. Is this the issue you had? If so, are they suggesting we cancel our existing plans for refund of the unused and then purchase all of those again plus any new ones? If so, that’s really messed up, unfair and kind of dishonest. I’ve read their contract and didn’t see anything regarding this issue nor can I find it in the FAQ. And I’ve yet to be able to contact anyone at support since they don’t use the support email anymore but it sounds like you got through over phone or via chat which I’ve had no luck so far. Any tips for that as well?

Thank you,

Yep, that exactly what happend. They dont seem to have a way to adjust it from the backend. Try to contact @WyzeDongSheng. Dont know how but somehow if you menioned him he will respond. I hope they’ll see these complaints and do something about it.

My subscription did the same thing when I added a new subscription after I got another camera. That said, my second subscription was pro-rated to match the end date of my original subscription. I’d prefer they did not do this because I don’t want the amount due for my cams coming due all at once when it’s time to renew which can prove expensive if you have multiple cameras!

in your case, if you add new license, the new license will be pro-rated to match the shorter duration. You will see the pro-rated pricing on the billing.

I have 2 subscriptions that I’m not able to use. I click services to set them up and none of my camera’s will show up. I have 5 camera’s on the account.

Thank you for the reply Spanky. I did write him specifically too but haven’t heard back. I did add a bunch more subscriptions and they did get prorated, and I do understand they are trying to save credit card transaction fees by lumping them into one but as others have said, when a significant number of renewals come due at the same time, it is expensive and I beileve it will backfire on them as many will simply decide to scale back on which cams really need Plus. I probably will just for that reason. Breaking it down into different months is easier for a lot of folks to pay off the card and avoid interest. Clearly they make a lot of money from the subscriptions, much more than they do from the products themselves…typical business plan but what went from free to $15/year doesn’t seem like much until people start buying numerous cams. Maybe they’ll see the drop in renewals and offer a Plus package that covers a household/unlimited cams per location instead of by the camera, I’d happily pay $100-$150 annually to cover all my cameras just to be done with it and not have to worry about messing with individual cam configs.
Thanks again.


I agree whole heartedly. When i buy a 1 year subscription it should be good for a year - DUH! I don’t want all of my renewals hitting at the exact same time. Like you said, it’s much easier to budget $15.00 here and there versus being hit with a huge bill all at once (just to make WYZE’s life easier and increase their profits).

If WYZE can’t afford to pay the 2-3% credit card transaction fee then there are much bigger issues at play here.

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Which is something that may work for Wyze, but is a burden to owners who have more than one camera when all subscriptions come due at once. I think it will cause some people to cancel their subscriptions when it comes time to renew. It will certainly make me think about canceling when it’s time to renew.

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Mine is the same and im trying to get this remedied. I have 4 cameras bought at different times. The first expires Sept 2021. I preordered the V3 and it came in February. I finally got around to putting it up last week and THAT camera says Sept 2021 also… That is so wrong!