UGGGGGHHH! they finally got me!

I’ve been so sick and tired of constant emails to buy cam plus and cam lite ect. I already HAVE cam plus so its very annoying to recieve these all the time when I obviously should be filtered out from these blasts.

Well My Cam plus was due to expire and last week I got the email about the multi camera deal which I THOUGHT was my renewal notice so of course I paid and thought I was good for another year. Well guess what? I just received my “receipt” that my auto renew went through. So now I have cam plus for twice as many cameras than I have.

I should NEVER receive offers to buy services I already have unless its renewal time, and then only “reminder” its going to auto renew if thats a feature they are providing. There are so many simple things “broken” with this company.

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Yeah, I agree with SlabSlayer, you can cancel one of them and get a prorated credit back. Also, if it was an honest mistake and especially if it’s been less than 30 days you can contact support and see if they can just fix it for you since it was a misunderstanding. They’ve always been pretty reasonable with me, but worst-case scenario you can at least get a prorated credit back for the extra subscription.

It does make sense to ask their marketing team to coordinate their messages to exclude accounts that already have the service in question, so you do make a great suggestion.

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It’s great that cancelling gets you a prorated refund, but at the same time why is this even a thing? Why can you buy subscription upon subscription upon subscription? This isn’t a thing with anything else out there. I can’t buy a second Netflix subscription on the same account, for example. I don’t know why Wyze has their subscription setup this way. You should only ever be able to have one. If there is updated pricing that someone want, then just let people buy that and gasp add the time onto the current subscription! Don’t start an entirely new subscription for them.

I’ve already voiced my opinions on Reddit about their out-of-touch marketing team and how it’s like children who get paid per email they send out are running it. So I’ll spare you all that rant here.

Because you may buy another camera that isn’t currently covered by CamPlus.


It’s not uncommon to have separate subscriptions per device for things like security cameras and phones and Wireless hotspots, etc. Most of those also have bulk subscription pricing as well, but in many cases they allow individual subscriptions. As it relates the Cam Plus, the idea is to allow customers to only pay for the Cloud costs they are going to use. So if you only need 1 camera with cloud and AI benefits, you can pay a subscription for a single cam. If you want to add another you may do so. When I had a dozen cameras I bought 5 cam plus subscriptions because I didn’t need it for every camera, just some of them. I later upgraded from individual subscriptions to a single bulk subscription called “Cam Plus Unlimited” which better suited my needs, and then I only had 1 subscription again for all the cams. I have had a similar experience with phones, sometimes paying separate subscriptions for each phone and sometimes having them together in a family plan, and sometimes the family plan still charged a separate subscription to add a new line. Same with wireless cards for laptops or other devices that I want connecting to cell towers, I would have to pay a separate subscription for each device because they only charge based on the number of devices I am using, rather than one subscription or price for unlimited devices. Cam Plus is fairly similar, though not exactly the same, and many other camera companies also offer individual subscriptions per camera.

Though despite it being a common thing in the industry, I love the suggestion here to reduce confusion by possibly having a sort of tier system. For example, it could be set up so that it is always a single subscription, but you select how many licenses. So something like “Cam Plus for 1 Camera” and adding another one would just change the name of the subscription to say something like “Cam Plus for 2 cameras” or whatever. By doing this there would no longer be any confusion about whether someone is renewing or adding a license. Right now there is really only either having a single license or 99 licenses in bulk. You make a great recommendation for clarity to always keep it a single subscription in some way. Something like the above could be a reasonable implementation.


So then allow me to go into my subscription and up it by one camera. Then next month charge me for one additional camera. Doesn’t seem too difficult to do and keeps it from being confusing as all get up.

That’s not how it’s setup, for as you said you need multiple subscriptions for the amount of cameras you have. Which is why the OP has the issue they have where they were allowed to start yet another subscription. There should only be one subscription and only the amount of camera you have adjusts, with the price reflecting that. You shouldn’t have multiple subscriptions that you need to manage.

If you go onto Netflix and you want to add more concurrent viewing streams, you don’t start another subscription for additional streams. You just change your current subscription from Basic to Premium. It always ever stays one subscription.

Not to advocate for the devil, but a Netflix subscription isn’t dedicated to a particular tv or device to the exclusion of others like a Cam Plus subscription is. Those subscription models are apples and oranges.

What do you lose when canceling your single subscriptions in favor of your bulk subscription when Wyze guarantees a refund for the remaining unused portion of the former?

Yes, there in lies the problem. You can have multiple subscriptions. The issue that someone doesn’t know what’s going to happen when they buy another subscription could all be solved by just having one subscription. Not leaving people to guess if they are going to be charged for an existing one if they start another, or thinking buying one overwrites another when it doesn’t, etc. etc.

Agree with your sentiment. Wyze should have a single subscription for your account for CamPlus. As you add cameras the new ones should be added at an amount prorated to your next renewal period for all cameras. Having multiple renewal dates is insane.


Yes, and if they want to do bundle pricing just include that in the system. Once you hit 4 cameras on your subscription then it becomes $X.xx/camera/mo, for example.

Or just say, “Hey you’re full on the amount of cameras your current tier can have. Would you like to upgrade to the next tier to add this camera?”

There are multiple ways to do it simpler and better than they are now.

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For Wyze, whose entire business is built on rebranding other companies’ equipment while claiming to invest all its energy and value-added in the software that runs that equipment, it seems ironic that most if not all of the dysfunction about their equipment/website/app is in the software.

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Actually what I had was the 4 Cam subscription, and the offer I “renewed” ( incorrectly) was the same. I have also recieved offers for a 3 Cam subscription.

I did contact Wyze through the website email and very suprisingly they got back to me within a couple hours and I had a prorated refund for the subscription I mistakenly purchased. So for the 1st time dealing with them something was fast and easy even though even after reading all the pros and cons above I still believe they should have a different system for making subscription offers. ( this account only has 3 cams and 1 doorbell, 1 thermostat, and 6 constantly failing plugs ) - with only 4 eligable cameras, which were all covered already, I should not receive more offerings since IF I had purchased more cameras they ususally come with a free month anyway and after or during a “free” period they could blast me with offerings.