Subscription renewal

I know it’s my fault for not keeping an eye on my subscription, but I would have expected at least a reminder email that my cam-plus service will renew. Now you just took payment for another year for a service .
I receive so many emails from you , especially the sales emails , which are totally irrelevant to ppl living outside the US ( yes these people exist ),
Not going to happen again , subscription is now cancelled .
What a crappy service .

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Do you know if you did get an email or not? You mentioned that you would’ve liked to have gotten an email from Wyze about this, but then said that if they had sent one you wouldn’t have read it anyway because so many of them are irrelevant.

If you wouldn’t have read the email anyway, even if they did send one (maybe they did?), what would you prefer them to do differently?

I am thinking maybe they could send a push notification or text message or something, though not everyone has put their phone number into their profile or approved to receive text messages. Maybe push notifications would be good, though I receive hundreds of push notifications every day from Wyze, and I am sure others do as well, so that might not work as well for some people either.

Email does seem to be the best option overall, but like you said, even that will be ignored by a ton of people. :thinking:

I mostly try to keep in mind that basically every single company in the world now automatically renews subscriptions by default, so if there is ever a subscription that I don’t want to renew, I have to manually log in as soon as I subscribe to something and tell it to not auto-renew. Then if I decide I want to renew, they will send me a warning that i’s about to expire, or I can just re-add it again once it stops working if I still want it. Then I don’t have to rely on each company having different policies for how they handle their subscriptions. I assume they ALL renew automatically and I have to choose to turn that off when I first subscribe to anything. Then I’m basically guaranteed to get a notice from them when it’s about to expire.

I did check my deleted email to see if there was a renewal warning , but I didn’t see one.
I did say the email were irrelevant , correct, I didn’t say I didn’t read them , I do read them that’s why I’m so annoyed about them .
how easy would it be to have an email coming from `subscriptions@wyze… to differentiate the emails for their usual sales emails

they should have a system were either the subscription isn’t automatically renewed or for the first year at least it should be a manual action to renew .

Yeah, I think it would be best if every company had a checkmark/question at checkout when ordering a subscription to ask people they want to autorenew or not. It should default to not autorenew and only autorenew if someone checks to specifically request it. I kind of wish the FTC would require that by law. It would certainly resolve a lot of unwanted charges.

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Be happy you got a year of use. I paid $94.99 for unlimited cam plus


Placed on May 4, 2024

and after a month they want me to pay $19.99 a year more per camera to save it in the cloud.
There is no way around this in the app and they still call it Cam Plus.
You cannot talk to anyone and the chat bot is annoying as hell because it only knows several answers that do not help. Great hardware headed for the trash because of bad support. First amcrest then wyze. Maybe someone will get it right.

You can talk to a human in support by phone, email, or chat. I prefer email, personally.

I believe the phone number is (206)208-0533 (see @Seapup s message below… Thanks Buddy, I’m away from home and just did a quick Google search)

6:00 am - 6:00 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4pm PT Saturday and Sunday.

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(206) 339-9646 - USA
(581) 500-1166 - Canada

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If you go to the support center:

It has those hours but no phone number.
The number you gave me puts you on hold and recommends the chat.

Sorry, see @Seapup 's message. I know they still do phone service, they just prefer people use email and chat.

Even with chat they have real people available (not just a bot).

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No prob. When in chat, just ask for Support phone number. When it suggests you try something else, tap the I don’t like chatbots. :grin: It will give the number I posted above depending on where you live.

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