Not able to add v3 pro to an existing license

Having issues trying to swap out my old v3 with my new v3 pro on my cam plus annual license. It just simply doesn’t show in the dropdown when I got to swap them out. I suspect that it still looks like it’s on the trail that I started when I got it but I’m not sure how to get it off of the trial that has ended. It still shows “PLUS” on the notifications option in the camera settings but everything else seems to suggest that it’s not on plus. Is there a way to get it off the trail or some other reason that I can’t select it in the dropdown for my annual license?

If the V3Pro is still showing with the CP logo, it is most likely still linked to that license and hasn’t updated yet. If it is still on the trial or is assigned to a license elsewhere in your Services tab, it will not show for assignment. You will also need to unassign the V3 first if that is the licence you intend to use.

You might need to force a data sync between the cam, your app, and the server:

  1. Account Tab → App Info → Cache → Clear
  2. Account → Sign Out
  3. Close App
  4. Force Close App from OS
  5. Power Cycle Cam
  6. Power Cycle Phone
  7. Open App, sign in, test.

If this doesn’t clear the expired trial and allow assignment, you can either contact Customer Support and ask them to unlink the cam so that you can assign an existing license, or you can delete the cam from the app and reinstall it. If you are using the most up to date app, it should recognize that you have open licenses and ask if you want to assign one of those to the cam. If it tries to sign you up for another trial, do not accept. Immediately close the app and reopen it. You should then be able to assign the Cam to an open license.


Very helpful. Thank you. I had cleared cache and restarted and killed the app. Only thing I didn’t do was delete and re-add. That worked. A little annoying but not the end of the world.

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I’m so glad it is now assigned!

This isn’t the first time a user has had a trial hanging onto a cam for dear life! Yes, a bit of an annoyance, but quicker than waiting on CS!

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